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  1. Photo of David Aukin

    David Aukin Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Colin Leventhal

    Colin Leventhal Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Trea Leventhal

    Trea Leventhal Executive Producer

  4. Photo of David M. Thompson

    David M. Thompson Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Bob Weinstein

    Bob Weinstein Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Harvey Weinstein

    Harvey Weinstein Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Sarah Curtis

    Sarah Curtis Producer

  8. Photo of Patricia Rozema

    Patricia Rozema Screenplay and Director

  9. Photo of Jane Austen

    Jane Austen Screenplay

  10. Photo of Michael Coulter

    Michael Coulter Cinematography

  11. Photo of Frances O'Connor

    Frances O'Connor Cast

  12. Photo of Harold Pinter

    Harold Pinter Cast

  13. Photo of Jonny Lee Miller

    Jonny Lee Miller Cast

  14. Photo of Embeth Davidtz

    Embeth Davidtz Cast

  15. Photo of Alessandro Nivola

    Alessandro Nivola Cast

  16. Photo of Hugh Bonneville

    Hugh Bonneville Cast

  17. Photo of Justine Waddell

    Justine Waddell Cast

  18. Photo of Hannah Taylor-Gordon

    Hannah Taylor-Gordon Cast

  19. Photo of James Purefoy

    James Purefoy Cast

  20. Photo of Lindsay Duncan

    Lindsay Duncan Cast

  21. Photo of Talya Gordon

    Talya Gordon Cast

  22. Photo of Sheila Gish

    Sheila Gish Cast

  23. Photo of Amelia Warner

    Amelia Warner Cast

  24. Photo of Elizabeth Eaton

    Elizabeth Eaton Cast

  25. Photo of Elizabeth Earl

    Elizabeth Earl Cast

  26. Photo of Philip Sarson

    Philip Sarson Cast

  27. Photo of Victoria Hamilton

    Victoria Hamilton Cast

  28. Photo of Charles Edwards

    Charles Edwards Cast

  29. Photo of Sophia Myles

    Sophia Myles Cast

  30. Photo of Hilton McRae

    Hilton McRae Cast

  31. Photo of Anna Popplewell

    Anna Popplewell Cast

  32. Photo of Gordon Reid

    Gordon Reid Cast

  33. Photo of Bruce Byron

    Bruce Byron Cast

  34. Photo of Eliza Darby

    Eliza Darby Cast

  35. Photo of Martin Walsh

    Martin Walsh Editing

  36. Photo of Christopher Hobbs

    Christopher Hobbs Production Design

  37. Photo of Lesley Barber

    Lesley Barber Music

  38. Photo of Glenn Freemantle

    Glenn Freemantle Sound

  39. Photo of Andrea Galer

    Andrea Galer Costume Design