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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Miguel's rating of the film Manslaughter

    Heavy handed and melodramatic.

  2. Cid Medeiros's rating of the film Manslaughter

    Nobody is fully happy. Even though, in a grey slow pace Denmark you witness a man in his fifties abandoning his story of life for a mirage. The movie and the acting do not convince in delivering the emotions it proposed, though.

  3. Pol's rating of the film Manslaughter

    Intense movie.Found interesting how the Danish society is depicted,of the contradictions, miseries and hypocrisies it has, despite being presented to the world (Nordic societies in general) as an example.Beyond that,I believe is a movie of a story of a man that tries to live the life of another,that tries to fight his ghosts by giving himself to someone else, ending up in a black hole of loneliness.Btw,very common...

  4. Venus Rey Jr's rating of the film Manslaughter

    El film es una metáfora de la clase media danesa. Así hay que verlo. La narrativa es gris, como gris es ese mundo que retrata. No hay tono moralizante, y ese es un plus. Carsten y Pil encarnan a esa clase media banal, decadente, insulsa. El plot: profesor que tiene affair con alumna. Alumna activista que luego de dañar las instalaciones de una fábrica de explosivos, asesina a un policía. Sus mundos se vendrán abajo.

  5. Ricardo Corona M's rating of the film Manslaughter

  6. Carambotti's rating of the film Manslaughter

    Interesting for it's snapshot of the Danish justice system, and themes of rehabilitation, innocence, guilt, passion for convictions, and ultimately justice. Is it really so easy to obtain acquittal? Or do the Danes know that the personal sense of guilt will be the far heavier sentence meted out by oneself.

  7. Michael Schmidt's rating of the film Manslaughter

    I watched Stockholms Oestra a few weeks ago and now this. I am tempted to conclude that life in Scandinavia is about marital infidelity, suicide attempts, and killing people with cars. Great films both but I think I will seek out some lighter entertainment for a change.

  8. Dizzydent's rating of the film Manslaughter

    What a realistic film. Most of the time, when you fuck up, there's nothing you can do about it and that's that.