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  1. A01231705's rating of the film Manta Ray

    4.5 Loved the aesthetics!!! The story is a bit blurry but adds to the dreamness of it all. My senses enjoyed this so much.

  2. Saul Hernandez-Vargas's rating of the film Manta Ray

    Una joya escondida del cine contemporáneo. Un cine no complaciente que apela a lo sensorial, como Weerasethakul, desplegando un profundo onirismo.

  3. Marge's rating of the film Manta Ray

    A tour de force. The silence creeps under your skin. The bright colors and immersive sound intertwine to form their own dance.

  4. Mukul's rating of the film Manta Ray

    I watched this at a film festival at 9:00 AM on a Saturday night. I wondered if the director was high while scripting and shooting; or was I who decided to watch this on a Sat morning alone in a 350 seater theatre? But loved the movie, especially the movie and all the trippy imagery.

  5. Smell of Celluloid's rating of the film Manta Ray

    A fascinating and enchanting film about a Rohingya crisis. Blurred identities, friendship, love, and struggle of survival.

  6. misu's rating of the film Manta Ray

  7. Pedro R Doudement's rating of the film Manta Ray

    Promising debut. Stunning cinematography. It lacks focus on the story, which was more being felt by the characters than being displayed to the audience

  8. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Manta Ray

  9. Wesley Pereira de Castro's rating of the film Manta Ray

    A segunda metade não é tão fascinante quanto a primeira, repleta de mistérios e fascínio (além de um benfazejo clima homoerótico), mas os minutos finais, de ritual imersivo na natureza, são inebriantes... Trilha musical muito condizente com a atmosfera encantatória do filme, que é também político em seus interstícios denuncistas. Imperfeito, mas digno de ser visto e revisto, acompanhado por quem amamos... (WPC>)

  10. Graf von Zahl's rating of the film Manta Ray

    Mysterious yet very realistic. Exceptional music and constantly returning use of neon lights that makes it very unique.

  11. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film Manta Ray

  12. Milda Paulauskaite's rating of the film Manta Ray

    A poetic piece by Aroompheng that intertwines contrasting symbolism and explores one's identity. The film has an abundance of powerful scenes, yet in its entirety it did not impact me much. The criticism of Rohingya refugee crisis was too oblique for me.

  13. msmichel's rating of the film Manta Ray

    Beautiful but enigmatic debut feature from Phuttiphong Aroonphong.

  14. tubbssw's rating of the film Manta Ray

    It is dedicated to Rohingya refugees. The screenplay is slow but not boring. At its best complemented by the musical score, it is otherworldly and overall it is a bit hard to categorise.

  15. g's rating of the film Manta Ray

    Algo de Doppelgänger, algo de anima-animus, algo de poesía. La narración mantiene un pulso propio, melancólico, con gestos demasiado intencionales. Hay transformaciones muy interesantes, pero lo mejor son algunas escenas con gran fuerza poética que cortan la narración. Parecen digresiones, pero son las claves que sostienen la película. Es un cine poético hecho de fotos quietas. Más que poemas, versos sueltos.

  16. Art Now's rating of the film Manta Ray

    Carried away in the intimacy of these characters. Mr Aroonpheng puts us in a state of listening to what sings in us. We let ourselves be summoned by listening to the melody of great inner silence. Listening requires the space of silence. And it is with great finesse applied to the creative process, and supported by an image and a soundtrack that maintain poetry, surrealism and offer a fantasmagoric work.

  17. rod watson's rating of the film Manta Ray

  18. Terry's rating of the film Manta Ray

    Hypnotic and almost silent film, when music appears, it drives to a mystery forest, where dark and bright colored lights lives. Not a simple film, but it is one to remember.

  19. Eric Ao's rating of the film Manta Ray

  20. ejonline's rating of the film Manta Ray

    This film was gripping and moving, even when I didn't understand some of the specific references to the experience of Rohingya refugees in Thailand. This is the strength of the film - it stands on its own as an evocation of multiple ways of being lost, multiple ways that people can be violent towards each other and what healing might look like. The cinematography was incredible tactile, while still being dreamy.

  21. Nicole's rating of the film Manta Ray

    i will never look at christmas lights on a man the same way again. Also I feel like Weerasethakul would be proud, with the ferris wheel meditation, two different men bonding and all.

  22. Paul Mirek's rating of the film Manta Ray

    I don't know that I could communicate clearly even half of what's going on in this film, but I feel confident that I'm grasping what it's aiming for on a deeper, indescribable level, which is one of the hallmarks of some of my favorite pieces of art. The only thing I can add is that elements reminded me of the similarly enigmatic THE RED TURTLE: the exquisite humanism, the powerful and poetic depictions of nature...

  23. jurism's rating of the film Manta Ray

  24. Saikat Banerjee's rating of the film Manta Ray

    It's So Magnificent & Crafted Visually. Story's Sorta Absurd Yet Fathomable Tho.

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