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  1. Photo of Giovanni Veronesi

    Giovanni Veronesi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Maurizio Amati

    Maurizio Amati Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Aurelio De Laurentiis

    Aurelio De Laurentiis Producer

  4. Photo of Ugo Chiti

    Ugo Chiti Screenplay

  5. Photo of Giovanni Canevari

    Giovanni Canevari Cinematography

  6. Photo of Patrizio Marone

    Patrizio Marone Editing

  7. Photo of Luca Merlini

    Luca Merlini Production Design

  8. Photo of Raphael Gualazzi

    Raphael Gualazzi Music

  9. Photo of Robert De Niro

    Robert De Niro Cast

  10. Photo of Carlo Verdone

    Carlo Verdone Cast

  11. Photo of Riccardo Scamarcio

    Riccardo Scamarcio Cast

  12. Photo of Monica Bellucci

    Monica Bellucci Cast

  13. Photo of Michele Placido

    Michele Placido Cast

  14. Photo of Carlo Monni

    Carlo Monni Cast

  15. Photo of Marina Rocco

    Marina Rocco Cast

  16. Photo of Emanuele Propizio

    Emanuele Propizio Cast

  17. Photo of Valeria Solarino

    Valeria Solarino Cast

  18. Photo of Donatella Finocchiaro

    Donatella Finocchiaro Cast

  19. Photo of Laura Chiatti

    Laura Chiatti Cast

  20. Photo of Daniele Pecci

    Daniele Pecci Cast

  21. Photo of Guido Genovesi

    Guido Genovesi Cast