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  1. José Neves's rating of the film Mapa

    0. I believe these films called diaries, in video, with much willingness to mix references and various confusions, appealing to the most despicable techniques and concepts, where the join of the private and the public is made with the weakest self-centeredness, should just disappear. But it turns out, as the case, they do not even exist, so how to fade the non-existent?

  2. MoeHartman's rating of the film Mapa

    Is it possible to create a diary that won't seem indulgent? Mapa contains many good shots, but it's as directionless as Siminiani probably felt while making it, bouncing recklessly from thoughts on conformity to a creepy obsession with an ex. Although I can relate to him at times, he is too pathetic to be truly likable, and however necessary for its maker, the film tells us little that we haven't heard before. 2.5/5

  3. Lilliawithwind's rating of the film Mapa

    A touching diary telling real stories about life.

  4. Jamie Hughes's rating of the film Mapa

  5. dialupmodem's rating of the film Mapa

    i felt pretentious watching it but its shot really nice

  6. Mirko Groenewold's rating of the film Mapa

    Eine dokumentarische Aufzeichnung nicht über Indien, sondern über das, was die Liebe mit uns macht. Simpel und genauso berührend.

  7. nein's rating of the film Mapa

    Well shot, well made, badly told. Like, man, really? I felt nothing about author's relationship with Luna. Some of resorts were simply pretentious, some of them made me laugh (not a comedy-style laugh). It's like 2,5 from me. Siminiani should work on his storytelling because his directing is just fine.

  8. paul oram's rating of the film Mapa

    This sums up what travelling is really about, but geeze get over yourself mate! She dumped you. Why did you dump your ex?

  9. Dhalgren's rating of the film Mapa

    Is it solipsistic in here, or is it just me?

  10. Mel's rating of the film Mapa

    son iki aydır gözlemlediğim bir husus şu ki; bu altyazısız veya farklı dillerde olan altyazılı film yayınlama işini fazla abartmadınız mı ?

  11. DAVIDCMOREN's rating of the film Mapa

    Me gusta la fotografía de la película.

  12. rociof's rating of the film Mapa

    Iba bien y se lastimó.

  13. Demi Ademuson's rating of the film Mapa

  14. celestenorth's rating of the film Mapa

    Elías León Siminiani logra que en poco tiempo nos identifiquemos con él y los sentimientos que atraviesa. Como una voz que habla a nuestra generación que oscila entre lo espiritual, la falsa de sentido y las pequeñas alegrías. La edición logra llevarnos de la mano por la historia sin querer soltarla, como quien nos cuenta un cuento. Un verdadero viaje.

  15. Ian Whaley's rating of the film Mapa

    I kept on wishing that the director/narrator would follow the advice of his 'other' side and trim back on the narration. Not for me.

  16. Leandro Vázquez's rating of the film Mapa

    Loved the way the director tells the story, great movie

  17. Luisa's rating of the film Mapa

    realistico e divertente!

  18. sri's rating of the film Mapa

    Though a personal journey no different from many who have tread the path before, in its ability to show his vulnerability and incapacity to let go, it brings the film closer to life and living

  19. davide colferai's rating of the film Mapa

    Bello, sorprendente e divertente. Cos'altro? Magico.

  20. Nick Gaetano's rating of the film Mapa

    i love it it's beautiful wonderful_reaching for a love that's out of reach you can feel it you know it but it isn't there and you want is so bad so do it again & maybe next time

  21. ramiro's rating of the film Mapa

  22. Samuel Donath's rating of the film Mapa

    Fantastic. One of the best films I have seen in a long time.

  23. nathantheys's rating of the film Mapa

  24. Daniel Goel's rating of the film Mapa

    La película comienza bien. Abre puertas que resultan interesantes. Sin embargo, poco antes de la mitad comienza a volverse tediosa, aburrida, al quemar todas esas puertas que había abierto por un intento pretensioso de hacer un filme alternativo a manera de biografía donde usar a India en este momento del New Age, segura causa revuelo a cualquier pretensioso que busca ser "culto".

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