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  1. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Marat/Sade

    "Compassion is the property of the privileged classes."

  2. Terri Wise's rating of the film Marat/Sade

    I saw this performed at the ART in Cambridge, MA, and I think it ruined me for any other version ever.

  3. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Marat/Sade

  4. Aardsy's rating of the film Marat/Sade

    A uniquely strange, pretentious and terrible film.

  5. Linn's rating of the film Marat/Sade

    Deeply weird theater-in-a-theater film contrasting the political and philosophical beliefs of Jean-Paul Marat and the Marquis de Sade. Dialogues are engrossing, acting (in particular Patrick Magee and Glenda Jackson) superb, music appalling. If it weren't for the setting in a mental asylum, however, Marat/Sade would end up being just another ideologically cloaked stage performance.

  6. crnstsc's rating of the film Marat/Sade

  7. güneycan's rating of the film Marat/Sade

    Weiss' play is already breathtaking enough on paper; scenes like "Conversation Concerning Life and Death" contests with those of Brecht. The question is how to stage it without drowning the actual inmates in their roles on stage. And Brook is doing an amazing job with an amazing cast in reproducing not only the political struggle in Sade's play but also the struggle in the inmates' heads. Funny, uncanny, epic. Bravo!

  8. ricardoetatto's rating of the film Marat/Sade

    Basada en la obra de Peter Weiss es una alegoría de la libertad, la locura y la sociedad, todo en los 15 años posteriores al asesinato de Marat durante la Revolución Francesa. En tono de farsa satiriza los tiempos de paz haciendo un llamado hacia la valoración del individualismo como única vía de liberación. El texto en verso dota las actuaciones de ritmo donde la retórica nos hace dudar si nosotros somos los locos.

  9. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Marat/Sade

    Interesante, tanto en discurso como en su modo narrativo. "Marat/Sade" confronta dos voz, la de un revolucionario radical y un nihilista. Es Marat respaldando el levantamiento contestatario hacia los tirános y Sade negando cualquier concepto que disponga a la humanidad a un equilibrio. En paralelo, es la crítica hacia la política y sociedad post-revolución. Narrativamente, teatro dentro del teatro, y dentro del cine.

  10. Ostermyers's rating of the film Marat/Sade

  11. Higgs's rating of the film Marat/Sade

    A visual treat overlays deep philosophical and political discussions. Needs to be seen several times to appreciate just how much is in this film.

  12. Knut Morte's rating of the film Marat/Sade

    "...present yourselves at the National Assembly, and demand that you immediately be given some means of subsistence from the national wealth, which belongs much more rightly to you than to those blood-suckers of the state... you must in your turn take whatever measure is required, for it is a hundred times better that the whole kingdom be upturned than that ten million men be reduced to death by hunger."

  13. Jordan H's rating of the film Marat/Sade

    David Watkin is a mad genius with his wild eye.

  14. MATT's rating of the film Marat/Sade

    A claustrophobic portraiture of political power, creation, and destruction. "Man is a destroyer"

  15. Juliet Benson's rating of the film Marat/Sade

    Whene anyone asks me about my political beliefs, I refer them to the character of de Sade in this movie. The sheer onslaught of incisively, poetically eloquent observations relevant just as intensely to current times repeatedly gave me chills.

  16. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Marat/Sade

    Stage plays are not my cup of tea but there is something here that aroused my curiosity for a while. So see it in order not to die completely stupid. And forget it. If you can. I can.

  17. Christofer Pierson's rating of the film Marat/Sade

    Kind of pretensious. But not uninteresting.

  18. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Marat/Sade

    Visually arresting but headache inducing chamber piece. The early glimpse of Glenda Jackson gives a hint of the power house performances to come.

  19. Jaspar Lamar Crabb's rating of the film Marat/Sade

    A grotesque brain-drain that really has to be seen to be believed.

  20. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Marat/Sade

    Really strange production from the Royal Shakespeare Company is essentially a filmed version of Peter Weiss' stage play - but director Peter Brook manages to keep it visually interesting and cinematic even on a confined set. Uniformly excellent performances, and there are a number of darkly engrossing moments - though it tends to focus more on politics and philosophy than character and story, which can make it seem a