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  1. Photo of Charles Martin

    Charles Martin Director

  2. Photo of Jonathan Teplitzky

    Jonathan Teplitzky Director

  3. Photo of Charles Sturridge

    Charles Sturridge Director

  4. Photo of Henrik Georgsson

    Henrik Georgsson Director

  5. Photo of Hans Rosenfeldt

    Hans Rosenfeldt Screenplay

  6. Photo of Anna Friel

    Anna Friel Cast

  7. Photo of Jack Doolan

    Jack Doolan Cast

  8. Photo of Ray Panthaki

    Ray Panthaki Cast

  9. Photo of Nina Sosanya

    Nina Sosanya Cast

  10. Photo of Nicholas Pinnock

    Nicholas Pinnock Cast

  11. Photo of Charlie Covell

    Charlie Covell Cast

  12. Photo of Sinéad Cusack

    Sinéad Cusack Cast

  13. Photo of Harry Lloyd

    Harry Lloyd Cast

  14. Photo of Tobias Santelmann

    Tobias Santelmann Cast

  15. Photo of Jamie Bamber

    Jamie Bamber Cast

  16. Photo of Patrick Baladi

    Patrick Baladi Cast

  17. Photo of Ben Cura

    Ben Cura Cast

  18. Photo of Ian Puleston-Davies

    Ian Puleston-Davies Cast

  19. Photo of Emil Hostina

    Emil Hostina Cast

  20. Photo of Susannah Wise

    Susannah Wise Cast

  21. Photo of Laura Carmichael

    Laura Carmichael Cast

  22. Photo of Stephen Lord

    Stephen Lord Cast

  23. Photo of Lee Nicholas Harris

    Lee Nicholas Harris Cast

  24. Photo of Florence Pugh

    Florence Pugh Cast

  25. Photo of George Anton

    George Anton Cast

  26. Photo of Robert Whitelock

    Robert Whitelock Cast

  27. Photo of Rob Jarvis

    Rob Jarvis Cast

  28. Photo of Maeve Dermody

    Maeve Dermody Cast

  29. Photo of Sophia Brown

    Sophia Brown Cast

  30. Photo of Yolanda Kettle

    Yolanda Kettle Cast

  31. Photo of Victoria Smurfit

    Victoria Smurfit Cast

  32. Photo of Jason Hughes

    Jason Hughes Cast

  33. Photo of Nigel Planer

    Nigel Planer Cast

  34. Photo of Keith Allen

    Keith Allen Cast

  35. Photo of Josh Herdman

    Josh Herdman Cast

  36. Photo of Harriet Cains

    Harriet Cains Cast

  37. Photo of Victoria Broom

    Victoria Broom Cast

  38. Photo of Tamzin Malleson

    Tamzin Malleson Cast

  39. Photo of Andrew Tiernan

    Andrew Tiernan Cast

  40. Photo of Ben Crompton

    Ben Crompton Cast

  41. Photo of Lorne Balfe

    Lorne Balfe Music