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  1. Photo of Raoul Lévy

    Raoul Lévy Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Noël Howard

    Noël Howard Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Denys de La Patellière

    Denys de La Patellière Screenplay and Director

  4. Photo of Jean-Paul Rappeneau

    Jean-Paul Rappeneau Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jacques Rémy

    Jacques Rémy Screenplay

  6. Photo of Horst Buchholz

    Horst Buchholz Cast

  7. Photo of Anthony Quinn

    Anthony Quinn Cast

  8. Photo of Akim Tamiroff

    Akim Tamiroff Cast

  9. Photo of Elsa Martinelli

    Elsa Martinelli Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Hossein

    Robert Hossein Cast

  11. Photo of Grégoire Aslan

    Grégoire Aslan Cast

  12. Photo of Omar Sharif

    Omar Sharif Cast

  13. Photo of Orson Welles

    Orson Welles Cast

  14. Photo of Massimo Girotti

    Massimo Girotti Cast

  15. Photo of Folco Lulli

    Folco Lulli Cast

  16. Photo of Guido Alberti

    Guido Alberti Cast

  17. Photo of Lynne Sue Moon

    Lynne Sue Moon Cast

  18. Photo of Bruno Cremer

    Bruno Cremer Cast

  19. Photo of Jacques Monod

    Jacques Monod Cast

  20. Photo of Mica Orlovic

    Mica Orlovic Cast

  21. Photo of Maria Virginia Onorato

    Maria Virginia Onorato Cast

  22. Photo of Wladimir Ivanov

    Wladimir Ivanov Cinematography

  23. Photo of Claude Renoir

    Claude Renoir Cinematography

  24. Photo of Armand Thirard

    Armand Thirard Cinematography

  25. Photo of Mario Bua

    Mario Bua Music

  26. Photo of M.J. Coignard-Helison

    M.J. Coignard-Helison Music

  27. Photo of Georges Garvarentz

    Georges Garvarentz Music

  28. Photo of Jacques Saulnier

    Jacques Saulnier Production Design

  29. Photo of Noëlle Balenci

    Noëlle Balenci Editing

  30. Photo of Jacqueline Thiédot

    Jacqueline Thiédot Editing

  31. Photo of Albert Jurgenson

    Albert Jurgenson Editing