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  1. captainfez's rating of the film Marebito

    Fear is in the eye of the beholder after all, I guess.

  2. Anthony Davies's rating of the film Marebito

  3. Ostermyers's rating of the film Marebito

    Shimizu & Tsukamoto...Transcendent

  4. ElTigreNegro's rating of the film Marebito

    Shimizu shows he's more than just a one trick pony with this psychological Lovecraft-esque take on existential horror. Having Shinya Tsukamoto in the lead role is of course a big bonus.

  5. ChiP-'s rating of the film Marebito

    Has a similar theme to Videodrome

  6. ΞRIC B∆D TASTΞ's rating of the film Marebito

    pretty confusing & weird stuff...

  7. KAIJA EIGHTY's rating of the film Marebito

    the hollow earth shit was hilarious. i wish it had gone more in that direction.

  8. Golden Tarot's rating of the film Marebito

    A very surreal Odyssey of a study into the mind-movie integrated live's we all live and what it's doing to us. A wonderful movie with a very strong atmosphere to it and some very true to modern life cyberpunk elements. The soundtrack does a very good job at heightening tension when the scene calls for it and the actors do a wonderful job at conveying strong emotion through minimal (to no dialogue). A worthwhile film

  9. nargs_au's rating of the film Marebito

    this is one of those films where you watch it and afterwards you are unsure if you liked it or not.. i'm still in that phase. but ill have to agree it had some good idea's in it and it did have a sense of shock value in it. not your standard japanese ghost story. 3 stars for me. mostly cause its original..

  10. frogman's rating of the film Marebito

    I'm trying to find a redeeming feature about this film. None coming. Incoherent, gratuitous, derivative... Don't bother.

  11. AndNowTheWaves's rating of the film Marebito

    Interesting, but flawed movie. Vampire movie, an exploration of voyeurism, and some Hollow Earth theory thrown in for laughs, this movie is about as fractured as a movie about all of these things can be without flying apart. Shinya Tsukamoto puts in a great performance, and the movie goes through many changes and deformations and somehow retains its own identity. Recommended.

  12. Carlos Quintão's rating of the film Marebito

    Rodado em apenas 8 dias, durante o intervalo entre as filmagens de THE GRUDGE original e sua refilmagem americana, este filme de baixíssimo orçamento de Shimizu realizado em DV, mistura Lovecraft, A PEQUENA LOJA DOS HORRORES, vampiros, Cronenberg, Clive Barker e diversas outras influências e citações para questionar/reafirmar o video enquanto registro da verdade. Aspect ratio: 1.75:1

  13. Crap Monster's rating of the film Marebito

    For the most part, I thought it was a rough but unique film. Loved the idea of a whole world under the subway system hidden away from the teeming urban masses above.