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  1. Photo of Rafael Cardoso

    Rafael Cardoso Screenplay

  2. Photo of Melanie Dimantas

    Melanie Dimantas Screenplay

  3. Photo of Júlio Andrade

    Júlio Andrade Cast

  4. Photo of Pietro Mario

    Pietro Mario Cast

  5. Photo of Vera Holtz

    Vera Holtz Cast

  6. Photo of Mariana Nunes

    Mariana Nunes Cast

  7. Photo of Alexandre Ramos

    Alexandre Ramos Cinematography

  8. Photo of Stefano Lentini

    Stefano Lentini Music

  9. Photo of Marcos Guttmann

    Marcos Guttmann Producer, Screenplay Director

  10. Photo of Katia Machado

    Katia Machado Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Marilia Moraes

    Marilia Moraes Editing

  12. Photo of Waldir Xavier

    Waldir Xavier Editing