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  1. Photo of August Kern

    August Kern Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Richard C. Schmidt

    Richard C. Schmidt Screenplay

  3. Photo of Arnold Hans Schwengeler

    Arnold Hans Schwengeler Screenplay

  4. Photo of Fredy Lucca

    Fredy Lucca Cast

  5. Photo of André Louis Béart

    André Louis Béart Cast

  6. Photo of Arnold Müdespacher

    Arnold Müdespacher Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Trösch

    Robert Trösch Cast

  8. Photo of Stefan Bloetzer

    Stefan Bloetzer Cast

  9. Photo of Lilian Hermann

    Lilian Hermann Cast

  10. Photo of Blanche Aubry

    Blanche Aubry Cast

  11. Photo of Max Bachmann

    Max Bachmann Cast

  12. Photo of Robert Bichler

    Robert Bichler Cast

  13. Photo of G. Brücher

    G. Brücher Cast

  14. Photo of Paul Guggisberg

    Paul Guggisberg Cast

  15. Photo of Madeline Koebel

    Madeline Koebel Cast

  16. Photo of W. Nill

    W. Nill Cast

  17. Photo of A. Schmid

    A. Schmid Cast

  18. Photo of Karl Schmid

    Karl Schmid Cast

  19. Photo of Theres Schoepflin

    Theres Schoepflin Cast

  20. Photo of Hanns Walther

    Hanns Walther Cast

  21. Photo of E. Wittlin

    E. Wittlin Cast

  22. Photo of Gérard Perrin

    Gérard Perrin Cinematography

  23. Photo of Adrién Porchet

    Adrién Porchet Cinematography

  24. Photo of Buddy Bertinat

    Buddy Bertinat Music

  25. Photo of Teddy Stauffer

    Teddy Stauffer Music and Cast

  26. Photo of Jack Trommer

    Jack Trommer Music

  27. Photo of Oskar Friedrich Alfred Bally

    Oskar Friedrich Alfred Bally Producer and Screenplay