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  1. Photo of Gilda Manolescu

    Gilda Manolescu Cast

  2. Photo of Medeea Marinescu

    Medeea Marinescu Cast

  3. Photo of Ingrid Celia

    Ingrid Celia Cast

  4. Photo of Ion Popescu-Gopo

    Ion Popescu-Gopo Cast, Production Design, Screenplay Director

  5. Photo of Lyudmila Gnilova

    Lyudmila Gnilova Cast

  6. Photo of Klara Rumyanova

    Klara Rumyanova Cast

  7. Photo of Leonid Serebrennikov

    Leonid Serebrennikov Cast

  8. Photo of Rogvold Sukhoverko

    Rogvold Sukhoverko Cast

  9. Photo of Mariya Vinogradova

    Mariya Vinogradova Cast

  10. Photo of Georgiy Vitsin

    Georgiy Vitsin Cast

  11. Photo of Aleksandr Voyevodin

    Aleksandr Voyevodin Cast

  12. Photo of Alecu Popescu

    Alecu Popescu Cinematography

  13. Photo of Eugen Doga

    Eugen Doga Music

  14. Photo of Viktor Dudko

    Viktor Dudko Production Design

  15. Photo of Lev Milchin

    Lev Milchin Production Design

  16. Photo of Elena Belyavskaya

    Elena Belyavskaya Editing

  17. Photo of S. Kusursuz

    S. Kusursuz Editing

  18. Photo of Dan Ionescu

    Dan Ionescu Sound

  19. Photo of Vladimir Kutuzov

    Vladimir Kutuzov Sound

  20. Photo of Anatoliy Abarenov

    Anatoliy Abarenov Animation

  21. Photo of Nikolay Fyodorov

    Nikolay Fyodorov Animation

  22. Photo of Oleg Komarov

    Oleg Komarov Animation

  23. Photo of Boris Kotov

    Boris Kotov Animation

  24. Photo of Vladimir Krumin

    Vladimir Krumin Animation

  25. Photo of Iosif Kuroyan

    Iosif Kuroyan Animation

  26. Photo of Yuriy Kuzyurin

    Yuriy Kuzyurin Animation

  27. Photo of Viktor Likhachyov

    Viktor Likhachyov Animation

  28. Photo of Olga Orlova

    Olga Orlova Animation

  29. Photo of Aleksandr Panov

    Aleksandr Panov Animation

  30. Photo of Tatyana Pomerantseva

    Tatyana Pomerantseva Animation

  31. Photo of Marina Rogova

    Marina Rogova Animation

  32. Photo of Marina Voskanyants

    Marina Voskanyants Animation