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  1. Photo of Julien Duvivier

    Julien Duvivier Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Peter von Mendelssohn

    Peter von Mendelssohn Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marianne Hold

    Marianne Hold Cast

  4. Photo of Pierre Vaneck

    Pierre Vaneck Cast

  5. Photo of Gil Vidal

    Gil Vidal Cast

  6. Photo of Jean Yonnel

    Jean Yonnel Cast

  7. Photo of Jean Galland

    Jean Galland Cast

  8. Photo of Michael Ande

    Michael Ande Cast

  9. Photo of Claude Aragon

    Claude Aragon Cast

  10. Photo of Gérard Fallec

    Gérard Fallec Cast

  11. Photo of Ady Berber

    Ady Berber Cast

  12. Photo of Friedrich Domin

    Friedrich Domin Cast

  13. Photo of Isabelle Pia

    Isabelle Pia Cast

  14. Photo of Jean-François Bailly

    Jean-François Bailly Cast

  15. Photo of Jacques de Féraudy

    Jacques de Féraudy Cast

  16. Photo of Axel Scholtz

    Axel Scholtz Cast

  17. Photo of Léonce-Henri Burel

    Léonce-Henri Burel Cinematography

  18. Photo of Jacques Ibert

    Jacques Ibert Music

  19. Photo of Jean d'Eaubonne

    Jean d'Eaubonne Production Design

  20. Photo of Willy Schatz

    Willy Schatz Production Design

  21. Photo of André Daven

    André Daven Producer

  22. Photo of Georges Lourau

    Georges Lourau Producer

  23. Photo of Arys Nissotti

    Arys Nissotti Producer

  24. Photo of Pierre O'Connell

    Pierre O'Connell Producer

  25. Photo of Marthe Poncin

    Marthe Poncin Editing