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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Maria's Lovers

    Ce grand film, d'une constante densité émotionnelle, évite adroitement les espaces mélodramatiques qu'un tel sujet pouvait entraîner jusqu'à saturation...

  2. anarresti's rating of the film Maria's Lovers

    Watched it a long time ago, but it remains (somewhere in my mind) as a wonderful examination of the male myth of female chastity. As a great story about how the idea of purity can become poisonous and destructive and sabotage desire and love. A metaphore for sexuality in its extreme repressive idealism. And how patriarchy did create non functional dichotomies for women, that both men and women should reject.

  3. Patrick Humphreys's rating of the film Maria's Lovers