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  1. Photo of Marie Noëlle

    Marie Noëlle Director

  2. Photo of Marie Noëlle

    Marie Noëlle Screenplay

  3. Photo of Andrea Stoll

    Andrea Stoll Screenplay

  4. Photo of Karolina Gruszka

    Karolina Gruszka Cast

  5. Photo of Charles Berling

    Charles Berling Cast

  6. Photo of Arieh Worthalter

    Arieh Worthalter Cast

  7. Photo of Izabela Kuna

    Izabela Kuna Cast

  8. Photo of Malik Zidi

    Malik Zidi Cast

  9. Photo of André Wilms

    André Wilms Cast

  10. Photo of Piotr Glowacki

    Piotr Glowacki Cast

  11. Photo of Daniel Olbrychski

    Daniel Olbrychski Cast

  12. Photo of Samuel Finzi

    Samuel Finzi Cast

  13. Photo of Marie Noëlle

    Marie Noëlle Producer

  14. Photo of Mikolaj Pokromski

    Mikolaj Pokromski Producer

  15. Photo of Ralf Zimmermann

    Ralf Zimmermann Producer

  16. Photo of Bruno Coulais

    Bruno Coulais Music

  17. Photo of Michal Englert

    Michal Englert Cinematography

  18. Photo of Christophe Pidre

    Christophe Pidre Costume Design

  19. Photo of Florence Scholtes

    Florence Scholtes Costume Design

  20. Photo of Eduard Krajewski

    Eduard Krajewski Production Design

  21. Photo of Lenka Fillnerova

    Lenka Fillnerova Editing

  22. Photo of Hans Horn

    Hans Horn Editing

  23. Photo of Marie Noëlle

    Marie Noëlle Editing

  24. Photo of Isabelle Rathery

    Isabelle Rathery Editing