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  1. Photo of Martín Rodríguez Redondo

    Martín Rodríguez Redondo Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mariana Docampo

    Mariana Docampo Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mara Pescio

    Mara Pescio Screenplay

  4. Photo of Walter Rodríguez

    Walter Rodríguez Cast

  5. Photo of Catalina Saavedra

    Catalina Saavedra Cast

  6. Photo of Germán de Silva

    Germán de Silva Cast

  7. Photo of Ignacio Giménez

    Ignacio Giménez Cast

  8. Photo of Rodolfo García Werner

    Rodolfo García Werner Cast

  9. Photo of Andrew Bargsted

    Andrew Bargsted Cast

  10. Photo of Josefina Paredes

    Josefina Paredes Cast

  11. Photo of Germán Baudino

    Germán Baudino Cast

  12. Photo of Guillermo Saposnik

    Guillermo Saposnik Cinematography

  13. Photo of Kumbia Queers

    Kumbia Queers Music

  14. Photo of Laurent Apffel

    Laurent Apffel Music

  15. Photo of Adrián Suárez

    Adrián Suárez Production Design

  16. Photo of Paula Zyngierman

    Paula Zyngierman Producer

  17. Photo of Giancarlo Nasi

    Giancarlo Nasi Producer

  18. Photo of Felipe Gálvez Haberle

    Felipe Gálvez Haberle Editing

  19. Photo of Rodrigo Merolla

    Rodrigo Merolla Sound