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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Marius

    Classique des classiques qui malgré le temps, reste un superbe monument cinématographique à la gloire de Marcel Pagnol et du Vieux-Port de Marseille...

  2. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Marius

  3. Seanpasbon's rating of the film Marius

    Didn't Korda direct this _with_ Pagnol???

  4. Mitchell Brown's rating of the film Marius

    I held a marathon viewing of Marius Fanny and Cesar for a bunch of movie lovers who had never seen Pagnol. A huge success. It is so gratifying to introduce this lovely world to peoplewho don't know it. These films are teeming with life and demand to be watched and loved