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  1. Photo of Svein Scharffenberg

    Svein Scharffenberg Director

  2. Photo of Klaus Hagerup

    Klaus Hagerup Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Kim Haugan Andersen

    Kim Haugan Andersen Cast

  4. Photo of Catherine Askvig

    Catherine Askvig Cast

  5. Photo of Herman Bernhöft

    Herman Bernhöft Cast

  6. Photo of Kari Borg

    Kari Borg Cast

  7. Photo of Wilfred Breistrand

    Wilfred Breistrand Cast

  8. Photo of Svein Erik Brodal

    Svein Erik Brodal Cast

  9. Photo of Ingeborg Cook

    Ingeborg Cook Cast

  10. Photo of Mathias Eckhoff

    Mathias Eckhoff Cast

  11. Photo of Jostein Gaarder

    Jostein Gaarder Cast

  12. Photo of Ingar Helge Gimle

    Ingar Helge Gimle Cast

  13. Photo of Laila Goody

    Laila Goody Cast

  14. Photo of Janne Heltberg

    Janne Heltberg Cast

  15. Photo of Arne Kleven

    Arne Kleven Cast

  16. Photo of Sossen Krohg

    Sossen Krohg Cast

  17. Photo of Anders Lagesen

    Anders Lagesen Cast

  18. Photo of Jan Erik Leite

    Jan Erik Leite Cast

  19. Photo of Annette Münch

    Annette Münch Cast

  20. Photo of Jo Christian Rand

    Jo Christian Rand Cast

  21. Photo of Robert Reierskog

    Robert Reierskog Cast

  22. Photo of Svein Krøvel

    Svein Krøvel Cinematography

  23. Photo of Henning Sommero

    Henning Sommero Music

  24. Photo of Guri Giæver

    Guri Giæver Production Design

  25. Photo of Hilde Berg

    Hilde Berg Producer

  26. Photo of Einar Egeland

    Einar Egeland Editing

  27. Photo of Roy Fenstad

    Roy Fenstad Sound

  28. Photo of Petter Fladeby

    Petter Fladeby Sound

  29. Photo of Jan Lindvik

    Jan Lindvik Sound

  30. Photo of Tom Matsen

    Tom Matsen Sound

  31. Photo of Kari Nytrø

    Kari Nytrø Sound

  32. Photo of Morten Solum

    Morten Solum Sound

  33. Photo of Erik S. Watland

    Erik S. Watland Sound

  34. Photo of Lise Sandberg

    Lise Sandberg Costume Design