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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Django's rating of the film Marlene

    A revealing portrait of a woman desperately trying to reveal nothing beyond her Hollywood legend. Schell creates an engaging documentary despite it's subject's best efforts to sabotage the whole affair.

  2. José Neves's rating of the film Marlene

    Seen many years ago, I remember two things: the intelligence of keeping the star in a mythical status through her invisibility and its confrontation with her by way of an unexpected audacity of non-subservience. I do not remember, I confess, if is a great movie, but, for sure, it's not negligible.

  3. Mariel Green's rating of the film Marlene

    You can hear what she says in what she doesn't say, she protests too loudly to that she which she is, if every mysterious film legend could be "caught" by this documentarians there would be no need for tabloids certainly. This brilliant film would almost seem twistedly voyeuristic and opportunistic if it weren't done with such love and respect. maddeningly stubborn subject of illumination. Beautiful Marlene.