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  1. smndvdcl's rating of the film Marley

    An unequivocal and definitive top 10 all time artist and peaceful political revolutionary. A music doc which does considerable justice to the man, the myth, the artist, the legend.

  2. Ahmed Hasan's rating of the film Marley

  3. La Schiff's rating of the film Marley

    perfect well-rounded portrait of a beautiful soul. footage, cinematography and editing was gorgeous.

  4. El Biffo's rating of the film Marley

    Incredibly moving and beautiful doc about the most widely beloved musician in the world, Bob Marley. I have met people who dislike opera, and even a few who don't like The Beatles (I love both), but I have never, ever met anyone in the world who did not love the music of Bob Marley!

  5. Rhondo Alameda's rating of the film Marley

    Excellent portrait of a truly great man, worth every penny of his fame and legend.

  6. Christian Stolte's rating of the film Marley

    A wonderful testament to one of the great souls! Thank you !!!

  7. Mark Tallo's rating of the film Marley

    Amazing and then heartbreaking.

  8. Sarune Adminaite-Mendoza's rating of the film Marley

  9. jamesey's rating of the film Marley

    This film gave me a great perspective on a guy who's face I've seen everywhere, but don't know much about other than reggae. Any music lover needs to watch this. If you do choose to skip this one, at least watch the ending credits. They gave me goosebumps.

  10. Bernardo Anderson's rating of the film Marley

    A wonderful film about and interesting and complex man. His music, his life, and his loves.

  11. Tiagojeff's rating of the film Marley

    Bob was one whose beliefs general population could use holding on to. May him rest in peace, as so he deserves.

  12. Hector's rating of the film Marley

    amazing life and movie. Really a must see. So much strenght, love and determination, and the movie itself is greatly edited and put together.

  13. Yana Ofrasio's rating of the film Marley

  14. aureliandroid's rating of the film Marley

    that chilled out facade hides an ambitious mess

  15.'s rating of the film Marley

    This is a beautiful film with lots of great images and wonderful music. Marley was so focused and a true professional leading his team and breaking new ground. It is a tribute to Andy Macdonald for making such a fascinating film from Bob Marley's rich footage of interviews and performances.

  16. msmichel's rating of the film Marley

    Macdonald's 2 1/2 hour examination of Bob Marley even at double the length would still only scratch the surface of his legacy. Mind you this heartfelt, emotional and informative docu certainly whets the appetite for more information. Some great stories, amazing live footage and warm rememberances still don't seem to fully capture the man. One can only marvel at what this man accomplished in his 36 short years.

  17. BrianFromConcentrate's rating of the film Marley

    I've never been a fan of reggae or Marley's music, but after watching this documentary you can't help but have respect and admiration for the man and his tunes. I'm a big fan of Kevin Macdonald and I think he did this one right. Watch it on Netflix now.

  18. abrahamgbj's rating of the film Marley

  19. David's rating of the film Marley

    It was very enlightening to see his friends' opinions of him in comparison to his children's opinions of him. I'm not a fan of reggae, but this movie had a similar affect on me to The Harder They Come, giving me a new appreciation for it.

  20. nothere's rating of the film Marley

    If you really love Marley then look no further than this doc. Both cements the concert and bio stuff quite nicely. I wasn't a crazy fan of Marley previously and this doc didn't convince me otherwise but Marley is a genuinely nice guy. Again, this material can only go so far.

  21. Endless Eye's rating of the film Marley

    It's a fascinating endeavor to try to humanize a cultural icon that is larger than life and since Kevin MacDonald seems to be on fire in the documentary world recently (Executive Producing the recently enthralling "Senna"), he was a solid candidate for a docu all about Marley. Although we're left wanting to know much more about who this man was, it's still an entirely satisfying film that leaves the mind reeling.

  22. Cassandra Niki's rating of the film Marley

    Bob Marley's charm and influence - definitely a story worth telling. This film is wonderfully revealing, heartwarming and moving. I enjoyed every bit of it.

  23. Sean's rating of the film Marley

    This film just totally made me admire Bob Marley ten times more than I did previously. An informative look at the man's life, I learned so much about the human being rather than the musician. It's 2 hour running time goes so fast, you get so engrossed from the stories being told that you don't even notice the time going by. Loved this doc very much.

  24. Lu Andreas's rating of the film Marley

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