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  1. Photo of Erland Josephson

    Erland Josephson Cast, Screenplay, Producer Director

  2. Photo of Bibi Andersson

    Bibi Andersson Cast

  3. Photo of Marie Göranzon

    Marie Göranzon Cast

  4. Photo of Jan Malmsjö

    Jan Malmsjö Cast

  5. Photo of Charlotta Larsson

    Charlotta Larsson Cast

  6. Photo of Ulf Palme

    Ulf Palme Cast

  7. Photo of Kristina Adolphson

    Kristina Adolphson Cast

  8. Photo of Susanna Hellberg

    Susanna Hellberg Cast

  9. Photo of Ingvar Kjellson

    Ingvar Kjellson Cast

  10. Photo of Meta Velander

    Meta Velander Cast

  11. Photo of Börje Ahlstedt

    Börje Ahlstedt Cast

  12. Photo of Christina Carlwind

    Christina Carlwind Cast

  13. Photo of Björn Gustafson

    Björn Gustafson Cast

  14. Photo of Olof Lundström Orloff

    Olof Lundström Orloff Cast

  15. Photo of Sven Nykvist

    Sven Nykvist Producer and Cinematography

  16. Photo of Sylvia Ingemarsson

    Sylvia Ingemarsson Editing

  17. Photo of Siv Lundgren

    Siv Lundgren Sound

  18. Photo of Bo Persson

    Bo Persson Sound

  19. Photo of Inger Pehrsson

    Inger Pehrsson Costume Design