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  1. Photo of Hettie Macdonald

    Hettie Macdonald Director

  2. Photo of Michele Buck

    Michele Buck Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Phil Clymer

    Phil Clymer Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Rebecca Eaton

    Rebecca Eaton Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Damien Timmer

    Damien Timmer Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Karen Thrussell

    Karen Thrussell Producer

  7. Photo of Gabriel Silver

    Gabriel Silver Producer

  8. Photo of Matthew Hamilton

    Matthew Hamilton Producer

  9. Photo of Agatha Christie

    Agatha Christie Screenplay

  10. Photo of Martin Fuhrer

    Martin Fuhrer Cinematography

  11. Photo of Julia McKenzie

    Julia McKenzie Cast

  12. Photo of Steve Pemberton

    Steve Pemberton Cast

  13. Photo of Shirley Henderson

    Shirley Henderson Cast

  14. Photo of Sylvia Syms

    Sylvia Syms Cast

  15. Photo of Benedict Cumberbatch

    Benedict Cumberbatch Cast

  16. Photo of Lyndsey Marshal

    Lyndsey Marshal Cast

  17. Photo of James Lance

    James Lance Cast

  18. Photo of Tim Brooke-Taylor

    Tim Brooke-Taylor Cast

  19. Photo of Camilla Arfwedson

    Camilla Arfwedson Cast

  20. Photo of Hugo Speer

    Hugo Speer Cast

  21. Photo of Anna Chancellor

    Anna Chancellor Cast

  22. Photo of David Haig

    David Haig Cast

  23. Photo of Margo Stilley

    Margo Stilley Cast

  24. Photo of Jemma Redgrave

    Jemma Redgrave Cast

  25. Photo of Russell Tovey

    Russell Tovey Cast

  26. Photo of Stephen Churchett

    Stephen Churchett Cast and Screenplay

  27. Photo of Steven Hartley

    Steven Hartley Cast

  28. Photo of Julian Lightwing

    Julian Lightwing Cast

  29. Photo of Carl Robins

    Carl Robins Cast

  30. Photo of David Blackmore

    David Blackmore Editing

  31. Photo of Jeff Tessler

    Jeff Tessler Production Design

  32. Photo of Dominik Scherrer

    Dominik Scherrer Music

  33. Photo of John Downer

    John Downer Sound

  34. Photo of Sarah Morton

    Sarah Morton Sound

  35. Photo of Ashley Reynolds

    Ashley Reynolds Sound

  36. Photo of Andrew Sissons

    Andrew Sissons Sound

  37. Photo of Nigel Squibbs

    Nigel Squibbs Sound

  38. Photo of Simon Epstein

    Simon Epstein Sound

  39. Photo of Andrea Galer

    Andrea Galer Costume Design