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  1. Photo of Cristina Comencini

    Cristina Comencini Director

  2. Photo of Cristina Comencini

    Cristina Comencini Screenplay

  3. Photo of Roberta Mazzoni

    Roberta Mazzoni Screenplay

  4. Photo of Diego Abatantuono

    Diego Abatantuono Cast

  5. Photo of Francesca Neri

    Francesca Neri Cast

  6. Photo of Stefania Sandrelli

    Stefania Sandrelli Cast

  7. Photo of Claude Brasseur

    Claude Brasseur Cast

  8. Photo of Cecilia Dazzi

    Cecilia Dazzi Cast

  9. Photo of Paolo Sassanelli

    Paolo Sassanelli Cast

  10. Photo of Lunetta Savino

    Lunetta Savino Cast

  11. Photo of Emilio Solfrizzi

    Emilio Solfrizzi Cast

  12. Photo of Gigio Alberti

    Gigio Alberti Cast

  13. Photo of Claire Keim

    Claire Keim Cast

  14. Photo of Valentina Bassi

    Valentina Bassi Cast

  15. Photo of Giulia Bologna

    Giulia Bologna Cast

  16. Photo of Michele Russo

    Michele Russo Cast

  17. Photo of Aurelio De Laurentiis

    Aurelio De Laurentiis Producer

  18. Photo of Riccardo Tozzi

    Riccardo Tozzi Producer

  19. Photo of Giovannella Zannoni

    Giovannella Zannoni Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Aldo De Scalzi

    Aldo De Scalzi Music

  21. Photo of Pivio

    Pivio Music

  22. Photo of Paul Racer

    Paul Racer Music

  23. Photo of Matt Son

    Matt Son Music

  24. Photo of Roberto Forza

    Roberto Forza Cinematography

  25. Photo of Cecilia Zanuso

    Cecilia Zanuso Editing

  26. Photo of Paola Comencini

    Paola Comencini Production Design

  27. Photo of Sonia Peng

    Sonia Peng Production Design

  28. Photo of Antonella Berardi

    Antonella Berardi Costume Design