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  1. Photo of Norma Bailey

    Norma Bailey Director

  2. Photo of Deepa Mehta

    Deepa Mehta Director and Producer

  3. Photo of Daniele J. Suissa

    Daniele J. Suissa Director

  4. Photo of Janet MacLean

    Janet MacLean Screenplay

  5. Photo of Barbara O'Kelly

    Barbara O'Kelly Screenplay

  6. Photo of Anna Sandor

    Anna Sandor Screenplay

  7. Photo of Alice Munro

    Alice Munro Story

  8. Photo of Cynthia Flood

    Cynthia Flood Story

  9. Photo of Betty Lambert

    Betty Lambert Story

  10. Photo of Jennifer Dale

    Jennifer Dale Cast

  11. Photo of Andrea Martin

    Andrea Martin Cast

  12. Photo of Lois Maxwell

    Lois Maxwell Cast

  13. Photo of Margaret Langrick

    Margaret Langrick Cast

  14. Photo of Tom Butler

    Tom Butler Cast

  15. Photo of Jeff Christensen

    Jeff Christensen Cast

  16. Photo of Page Fletcher

    Page Fletcher Cast

  17. Photo of Lynne Gorman

    Lynne Gorman Cast

  18. Photo of Helen Hughes

    Helen Hughes Cast

  19. Photo of Tom Jackson

    Tom Jackson Cast

  20. Photo of Frank Moore

    Frank Moore Cast

  21. Photo of Chuck Shamata

    Chuck Shamata Cast

  22. Photo of Kate Trotter

    Kate Trotter Cast

  23. Photo of Genevieve Appleton

    Genevieve Appleton Cast

  24. Photo of Ric Sarabia

    Ric Sarabia Cast

  25. Photo of Douglas Koch

    Douglas Koch Cinematography

  26. Photo of Alexina Louie

    Alexina Louie Music

  27. Photo of Alex Pauk

    Alex Pauk Music

  28. Photo of Tom Doherty

    Tom Doherty Production Design

  29. Photo of William Lee

    William Lee Production Design

  30. Photo of Rossie Grose

    Rossie Grose Producer

  31. Photo of Paul Saltzman

    Paul Saltzman Producer

  32. Photo of Lara Mazur

    Lara Mazur Editing

  33. Photo of Delphine White

    Delphine White Costume Design