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  1. Photo of Jan Němec

    Jan Němec Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lindsay Anderson

    Lindsay Anderson Cast

  3. Photo of Jitka Cerhová

    Jitka Cerhová Cast

  4. Photo of Denisa Dvoráková

    Denisa Dvoráková Cast

  5. Photo of Karel Gott

    Karel Gott Cast

  6. Photo of Ivana Karbanová

    Ivana Karbanová Cast

  7. Photo of Jan Klusák

    Jan Klusák Cast and Music

  8. Photo of Josef Konícek

    Josef Konícek Cast

  9. Photo of Petr Kopriva

    Petr Kopriva Cast

  10. Photo of Hana Kuberová

    Hana Kuberová Cast

  11. Photo of Marta Kubisová

    Marta Kubisová Cast

  12. Photo of Vladimir Preclik

    Vladimir Preclik Cast

  13. Photo of Miroslav Ondrícek

    Miroslav Ondrícek Cinematography

  14. Photo of Karel Mares

    Karel Mares Music

  15. Photo of Olin Bosák

    Olin Bosák Production Design

  16. Photo of Miroslav Hájek

    Miroslav Hájek Editing

  17. Photo of František Fabián

    František Fabián Sound

  18. Photo of Ester Krumbachová

    Ester Krumbachová Costume Design and Screenplay