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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Mary

    Ferrara always somehow makes films that are better than they should be.

  2. Korial's rating of the film Mary

    Something good, nothing new.

  3. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Mary

    So boring I tried it twice and coul never finish it ...

  4. Bernardo van de Schepop's rating of the film Mary

    the fact i live in NL does not mean I want Dutch subtitles necessarily. Please make it configurable...

  5. Bilan's rating of the film Mary

    2,5 stars. A nice experience and a good review about life in the heavy days we live in these days. Just think what you're doing, what we're doing and rethink if you can change something in life to make it a little bit better for yourself and your dearest.

  6. antmanxl's rating of the film Mary

    Films about religion tend to border on trite but this was strangely absorbing.

  7. Nieluj Nilehtac's rating of the film Mary

    Une sorte d'essai sur l'insaisissable : Ieshoua Ben Ioussef. Contemplation d'une errance de la conscience humaine dans sa quête d'une vérité.

  8. Anne Moleyn's rating of the film Mary

    The idea is interesting in theory but the outcome is disappointing. The filmwork isn't very good ...

  9. Axel's rating of the film Mary

    Très intelligent : les invités de l’émission, comme le théologien Jean-Yves Leloup, sont réels. On se rend compte que, si les évangiles apocryphes sont vrais, ce n’est pas qu’une question théorique réservée aux croyants, mais cela modifie tous nos rapports entre êtres humains. Toutefois, le film ne va pas assez au fond des choses sur le mystère de la foi et donne une impression d'amateurisme, comme souvent chez A. F.

  10. ADZERTY's rating of the film Mary

    Un film métaphysique et puissant dans la famille de PI d'Aronofsky (comment suggérer la présence invisible du divin ?), qui met en scène le judaïsme et le christianisme, et traduit une crise personnelle devant un sentiment de vacuité, la recherche sincère d'un salut ou d'une paix intérieure.

  11. Libault's rating of the film Mary

    An author film, like a trinity. Three stories make one: Marie the actress playing and becoming Marie Madeleine in Jerusalem; the film coming on screens in new york presented by its selfish and pretentious director; the presenter of a tv show, lost, uncertain and scared by the possibility of his wife and son's death. A beautiful film, and the perfect actors.

  12. Catarina C Gomes's rating of the film Mary

    I wish there was a movie with really innovative ideas about our relation to god and his part on our creation, that really shook religion and raised anarchy. This movie just reminded me how far we are from getting one.

  13. paul oram's rating of the film Mary

    What a load of shite. File under quasi religious B-Movie.

  14. Henk Lamers's rating of the film Mary

    Pooh! A very messy and imbalanced film about God, love, Israel, Palestine, Jerusalem, guilt, atonement and forgiveness. An actress going on a spiritual journey. A TV journalist who investigates the life and times of Jesus Christ while his wife goes through a deep crisis (during her pregnancy). In short, a weird film. But its nice to see a weird film again.

  15. Joks's rating of the film Mary

    i like Ferrara, but this one gets worse the more you see it. the exact opposite of what i expected. usually his films improve on subsequent viewing.

  16. Christine Lai's rating of the film Mary

    love Whitaker's performance in this film !!

  17. Diarmuid's rating of the film Mary

    Unbelievable that this has never received DVD distribution in US or UK. Not a perfect film, but an intense and relevant work from an important American talent.