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  1. WildCardLucas's rating of the film M*A*S*H

  2. bartkl's rating of the film M*A*S*H

    As I experienced with SHORT CUTS, here too ALTMAN has succeeded in providing the sensation of having watched an entire series with lovable, interesting characters, all the while focusing on them and their goofy actions simply because the film is otherwise so aimless. You have to be open minded to the format and to the humor too, but I enjoyed this college-like comedy in the Korean war.

  3. T.H. McGregor's rating of the film M*A*S*H

    Some of it is clever, and it was no doubt fresh at its time, but it has aged badly. As far as I'm concerned, the protagonists are bullies, sociopaths, criminals and villains. And I get the feeling that we are supposed to be on their side, rooting for them all the way. That scene where Major O'Houlihan (I refuse to refer to her by the nickname) complains after the shower assault is genuinely horrifying to watch.

  4. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film M*A*S*H

    It has some sharp satirical quotes and a big ensemble which is typical for a Robert Altman directed movie. I found it also to be overrated and gets too much attention compared to funnier and (in my eyes) better comedies as I never really warmed to this movie. It's political pointers also don't always hit home. Maybe I was not the perfect target audience for this one.

  5. Stefano Campagna's rating of the film M*A*S*H

  6. Chris CS's rating of the film M*A*S*H

    First act sexism, second act homophobia, third act racism. Feels too much like Altman is one of the boys (even if knowing) & reads as dated.

  7. adam's rating of the film M*A*S*H

  8. steeeeellaaaaa (Iulia N)'s rating of the film M*A*S*H

    perfect blend of comedy and gore, what is hard now to understand is how much M.A.S.H. was really breaking the rules of Hollywood at that time, along with Bonnie and Clyde and Easy Rider

  9. msmichel's rating of the film M*A*S*H

    A critical and box office success in '70 that reinvented Altman as an auteur director and established a product that would grace network television for years. With modern eyes the misogyny, racism and homophobia are hard to swallow at times but within the understanding of the time period it was made still pushed the envelope. Oscar winning script and solid performances from cast all around.

  10. Raymond Likes Subtitles's rating of the film M*A*S*H

    Very much of it's time. Gould looks like he's come straight from Woodstock. You could forgive that if the casual racism, sexism and plain meanness didn't grate.

  11. FISCHER's rating of the film M*A*S*H

    Enorme et bienvenue farce fort ubuesque où se côtoient la trivialité la plus saine, la folie la plus destructrice, les propos les plus antimilitaristes. Entre les larmes, le sang, le sexe et le rire, une tonitruante pochade détonante sur la guerre et ceux qui la font...

  12. -REM-'s rating of the film M*A*S*H

  13. José Neves's rating of the film M*A*S*H

    TV. A film of a period, that of Clint Eastwood's nostalgia, where discourses were widely discriminatory, posing as irreverent and salubrious. A real man is a collector of women, these being nothing more than instruments of heterosexual sexualization and homos only laughable fairies. Altman shares the coarse festivity, though sometimes he introduces a possibility of a laboratory theater, mainly in the operations room.

  14. Mohammad Aboomar's rating of the film M*A*S*H

    One star for the song Suicide is Painless. None whatsoever for the movie.

  15. Khach Aloyan's rating of the film M*A*S*H

  16. James Mackin's rating of the film M*A*S*H

  17. Stian Gledje Bekkvik's rating of the film M*A*S*H

    3.5 If you can appeciate a good dick swinging contest...

  18. Ethan's rating of the film M*A*S*H

    How do you make a film that totally criticizes the Vietnam War? You make a movie about a forgotten war. This label is attached to this film way too often. There is more going on here than just political satire. Just because Altman has a general fuck you attitude towards the establishment and that doesn't explain his filmmaking style. Altman liked to create a film that felt like a film and reality all at the same time

  19. Aardsy's rating of the film M*A*S*H

    Please, everyone, speak one at a time!

  20. SpacePirate's rating of the film M*A*S*H

    This is supposed to be a comedy? I don't think I cracked a smile once. Altman has done so much better, its a shame this is his most remembered film. People say he invented the people talking over each other but Hawks was doing that shit decades earlier (see original The Thing) There's really nothing to recommend here, other than Gould's bitchin' mustache and the theme song. Stay far away.

  21. Andrew Miller's rating of the film M*A*S*H

    The TV series drained most of the life out of this, like fluid from a wound.

  22. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film M*A*S*H

  23. Wee Hunk's rating of the film M*A*S*H

    One of the few times where a work of art is also a very popular film. Such is the genius of Altman.

  24. SoulBrotherNo1's rating of the film M*A*S*H

    6.5/10 - Might be the only Robert Altman film I would call overrated. I feel Altman here hasnt yet tapped into what made him such a genius...the signs are there, but MASH is a little....bland? Im surprised this became so well known, when he has so many forgotten gems.

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