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  1. Photo of Tsering Rhitar Sherpa

    Tsering Rhitar Sherpa Director, Screenplay, Producer

  2. Photo of Makoto Ueda

    Makoto Ueda Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Keiko Ino

    Keiko Ino Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Sampa Lama

    Sampa Lama Producer

  5. Photo of Ang Kusang Sherpa

    Ang Kusang Sherpa Producer

  6. Photo of Lobsang Tsultrim

    Lobsang Tsultrim Producer

  7. Photo of Kshang Chetang

    Kshang Chetang Screenplay

  8. Photo of Kesang Tseten

    Kesang Tseten Screenplay

  9. Photo of Ranjan Palit

    Ranjan Palit Cinematography

  10. Photo of Gauri Malla

    Gauri Malla Cast

  11. Photo of Mithila Sharma

    Mithila Sharma Cast

  12. Photo of Ratan Subedi

    Ratan Subedi Cast

  13. Photo of Nirmal Pyakurel

    Nirmal Pyakurel Cast

  14. Photo of Rama Thapalia

    Rama Thapalia Cast

  15. Photo of Dipika Dhakal

    Dipika Dhakal Cast

  16. Photo of Elika Dhakal

    Elika Dhakal Cast

  17. Photo of Erika Dhakal

    Erika Dhakal Cast

  18. Photo of Hanuman Das

    Hanuman Das Cast

  19. Photo of Rudra Raj Pander

    Rudra Raj Pander Cast

  20. Photo of Ram Chandra Adhikari

    Ram Chandra Adhikari Cast

  21. Photo of Kirshna Dhakal

    Kirshna Dhakal Cast

  22. Photo of Asha Thapa

    Asha Thapa Cast

  23. Photo of Jyothi Thapa

    Jyothi Thapa Cast

  24. Photo of Reena Mohan

    Reena Mohan Editing

  25. Photo of Santosh Paudel

    Santosh Paudel Production Design

  26. Photo of Nhyoo Bajracharya

    Nhyoo Bajracharya Music

  27. Photo of Harikumar Pillai

    Harikumar Pillai Sound