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  1. Photo of Sam Newfield

    Sam Newfield Director

  2. Photo of Orville H. Hampton

    Orville H. Hampton Screenplay

  3. Photo of Richard Travis

    Richard Travis Cast

  4. Photo of Sheila Ryan

    Sheila Ryan Cast

  5. Photo of Sid Melton

    Sid Melton Cast

  6. Photo of Michael Whalen

    Michael Whalen Cast

  7. Photo of Lyle Talbot

    Lyle Talbot Cast

  8. Photo of Dee Tatum

    Dee Tatum Cast

  9. Photo of Richard Emory

    Richard Emory Cast

  10. Photo of Jack Reitzen

    Jack Reitzen Cast

  11. Photo of Charles Iwamoto

    Charles Iwamoto Cast

  12. Photo of Karl 'Killer' Davis

    Karl 'Killer' Davis Cast

  13. Photo of Johnny Grant

    Johnny Grant Cast

  14. Photo of Curt Barrett and the Trailsmen

    Curt Barrett and the Trailsmen Cast

  15. Photo of Margia Dean

    Margia Dean Cast

  16. Photo of Eddie Lee

    Eddie Lee Cast

  17. Photo of Jack Greenhalgh

    Jack Greenhalgh Cinematography

  18. Photo of Dudley Chambers

    Dudley Chambers Music

  19. Photo of Bert Shefter

    Bert Shefter Music

  20. Photo of Sigmund Neufeld

    Sigmund Neufeld Producer

  21. Photo of Carl Pierson

    Carl Pierson Editing