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  1. Photo of Andreas Marschall

    Andreas Marschall Director, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Susen Ermich

    Susen Ermich Cast

  3. Photo of Magdalena Ritter

    Magdalena Ritter Cast

  4. Photo of Julita Witt

    Julita Witt Cast

  5. Photo of Norbert Losch

    Norbert Losch Cast

  6. Photo of Dieter Rita Scholl

    Dieter Rita Scholl Cast

  7. Photo of Michael Siller

    Michael Siller Cast

  8. Photo of Marcel Trunsch

    Marcel Trunsch Cast

  9. Photo of Stefanie Grabner

    Stefanie Grabner Cast

  10. Photo of Teresa Nawrot

    Teresa Nawrot Cast

  11. Photo of Sonali Wiedenhöfer

    Sonali Wiedenhöfer Cast

  12. Photo of Franziska Breite

    Franziska Breite Cast

  13. Photo of Katja Lawrenz

    Katja Lawrenz Cast

  14. Photo of Sven Jakob-Engelmann

    Sven Jakob-Engelmann Cinematography

  15. Photo of Sebastian Levermann

    Sebastian Levermann Music

  16. Photo of Nils Weise

    Nils Weise Music

  17. Photo of Tim Luna

    Tim Luna Production Design and Producer

  18. Photo of Gertjan Rooijakkers

    Gertjan Rooijakkers Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Nadja Herzog

    Nadja Herzog Costume Design