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  1. Photo of Alex March

    Alex March Director

  2. Photo of Terence Clyne

    Terence Clyne Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ian McLellan Hunter

    Ian McLellan Hunter Screenplay

  4. Photo of Malcolm Stuart

    Malcolm Stuart Producer

  5. Photo of Fred Karlin

    Fred Karlin Music

  6. Photo of Gerald Hirschfeld

    Gerald Hirschfeld Cinematography

  7. Photo of John C. Howard

    John C. Howard Editing

  8. Photo of Guy C. Verhille

    Guy C. Verhille Costume Design

  9. Photo of Robert J. Miller

    Robert J. Miller Sound

  10. Photo of Zero Mostel

    Zero Mostel Cast

  11. Photo of Keiko Kishi

    Keiko Kishi Cast

  12. Photo of Gawn Grainger

    Gawn Grainger Cast

  13. Photo of Bradford Dillman

    Bradford Dillman Cast

  14. Photo of Jules Munshin

    Jules Munshin Cast

  15. Photo of Furankî Sakai

    Furankî Sakai Cast

  16. Photo of Sorrell Booke

    Sorrell Booke Cast

  17. Photo of Zaldy Zshornack

    Zaldy Zshornack Cast

  18. Photo of Felix Silla

    Felix Silla Cast

  19. Photo of Phil Leeds

    Phil Leeds Cast

  20. Photo of Kichi Taki

    Kichi Taki Cast

  21. Photo of Tetsu Nakamura

    Tetsu Nakamura Cast

  22. Photo of Chikako Natsumi

    Chikako Natsumi Cast

  23. Photo of Larry Ohashi

    Larry Ohashi Cast

  24. Photo of Masanobu Wada

    Masanobu Wada Cast

  25. Photo of Wataru Omae

    Wataru Omae Cast

  26. Photo of Renate Mannhardt

    Renate Mannhardt Cast

  27. Photo of Herbert Berghof

    Herbert Berghof Cast