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  1. Photo of Erik Balling

    Erik Balling Director

  2. Photo of Paul Hammerich

    Paul Hammerich Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lise Nørgaard

    Lise Nørgaard Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jens Louis Petersen

    Jens Louis Petersen Screenplay

  5. Photo of Karen Smith

    Karen Smith Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jørgen Buckhøj

    Jørgen Buckhøj Cast

  7. Photo of Buster Larsen

    Buster Larsen Cast

  8. Photo of Ghita Nørby

    Ghita Nørby Cast

  9. Photo of Malene Schwartz

    Malene Schwartz Cast

  10. Photo of Helle Virkner

    Helle Virkner Cast

  11. Photo of Karin Nellemose

    Karin Nellemose Cast

  12. Photo of Holger Juul Hansen

    Holger Juul Hansen Cast

  13. Photo of Kirsten Olesen

    Kirsten Olesen Cast

  14. Photo of Elin Reimer

    Elin Reimer Cast

  15. Photo of Benny Hansen

    Benny Hansen Cast

  16. Photo of Ole Andreasen

    Ole Andreasen Cast

  17. Photo of Jesper Langberg

    Jesper Langberg Cast

  18. Photo of Per Pallesen

    Per Pallesen Cast

  19. Photo of Ove Sprogøe

    Ove Sprogøe Cast

  20. Photo of Lily Broberg

    Lily Broberg Cast

  21. Photo of Kurt Ravn

    Kurt Ravn Cast

  22. Photo of Sonja Oppenhagen

    Sonja Oppenhagen Cast

  23. Photo of John Hahn-Petersen

    John Hahn-Petersen Cast

  24. Photo of Else-Marie

    Else-Marie Cast

  25. Photo of Bent Mejding

    Bent Mejding Cast