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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Ethan's rating of the film Matewan

    This is a very underrated film and one of the best ever made. John Sayles delivers an engaging drama with a lot of badasses that fill this exceptional ensemble cast. This is a true classic.

  2. Dominic Simard-Jean's rating of the film Matewan

    I watched this and Harlan County USA back to back, and i'm suprised that the fictionalized version of the coal strikes didn't keep me as thrilled as the documentary did. It's still a great movie full of great performances, sharp dialogue and some beautiful images by the master Haskell Wexler.

  3. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Matewan

    I saved this movie for the third date with the woman who became my wife. The amount of talent in this movie is staggering. An auspicious beginning to any relationship. And then we watched 'Boy on a Dolphin' where Sophia Loren had to walk in a trench on the beach so as not to tower over Alan Ladd.

  4. Eric's rating of the film Matewan

    Kept being like "go full Bolshevik!" but truth be told it wasn't bad.

  5. Mike McCallister's rating of the film Matewan

    One of the best movies about labor in the United States.

  6. Malik's rating of the film Matewan

    I wish this was on DVD.

  7. Sean's rating of the film Matewan

    John Sayles directs this fantastic film about coal miners in Matewan, W.Virginia 1920. Chris Cooper plays a union man who comes and tries to get the town to be ome a union, but the company men don't like it so they intervene. Great acting here from the cast especially Cooper who gives a fantastic performance. Sayles is an underrated director and I believe he doesn't get the credit he deserves. Fantastic film.

  8. Dizzydent's rating of the film Matewan

    One of my favorite westerns. Sayles is the man.

  9. Django's rating of the film Matewan

    Uli Cain is Writing,"A fine film from credits to credits, strong performances, great cinematography by Haskell Wexler, and honest soundtrack of early bluegrass type music." I agree with ever sylllable above but I find the script to be flawed in its didactic tone and tendency to reduce characters to one dimensional archetypes of good or evil.

  10. Dave's rating of the film Matewan

    John Sayles at his finest. This movie is absolutely crying out for a proper DVD release...I know that one existed at some point, because I got it from Netflix, but now it is no longer available.

  11. T.J. Royal's rating of the film Matewan

    Even if this movie seems *too* straight-forward to be true, you all *have* to realize that these miners were fighting for a decent existence, against a colossus that wasn't gonna give an inch. The racism's there, the coal company didn't weaken its stance with these people, CERTAINLY not when money was at stake, and the storyline does represent documented history, even if it seems a little tidied-up.