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  1. Naoya Kugimiya's rating of the film Matinee

  2. film_lies101's rating of the film Matinee

    Sweet little tribute to Joe Dante's own childhood, perhaps a bit too sweet...

  3. Jason's rating of the film Matinee

    Joe Dante has long been a favourite of mine for the congenial manner w/ which he brings fun subversions to bear in delivering benevolent entertainments. MATINEE possesses some of the goofy anarchic period mania we find in the John Waters films HAIRSPRAY and CRY-BABY, though it is ultimately a nuanced (very fun) meditation on the entertainment branch of the military-industrial complex, where delights marry dreads.

  4. José Neves's rating of the film Matinee

    35mm. I have the notion of my minority opinion, but actually costs me more and more to put up with films made from a simple statement of cinematic esteem, in which the purposes are exclusively mimetic, as if there were no way out of a cinephile umbilicus - which is, i should say, a mostly conservative current. Dante can't overcome the Spielberg syndrome that so many (sub-)copies originated in the 80's and 90's.

  5. Bruno's rating of the film Matinee

    Tenho de rever, filme esperto e encantador, e logo fazer-lhe justiça, ou pelo menos tentar

  6. FISCHER's rating of the film Matinee

    C'est gentil, quelquefois vraiment drôle et jamais ennuyeux...

  7. ΞRIC B∆D TASTΞ's rating of the film Matinee

    "thanks Mr. Hitchcock." good entertainment !

  8. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Matinee

    How the hell is this film not better known? Because Joe Dante wasn't recognized as an auteur? Because the only star is John Goodman? Because it's hard to pitch its plot—which includes gimmick cinema and the Cuban Missile Crisis—in a way that does it justice? But it's a warm, witty tribute to movie geekdom as a reaction to (and shelter from) the outside world. It seems smarter and sweeter the more I think about it.

  9. kubrickhallway's rating of the film Matinee

    This is a film that knows what it is and succeeds even more-so because of that. A homage to fun, worthwhile B movies that is actually a fun, worthwhile B movie. Allowing time to flesh out its characters, it becomes more involving than you might think. Points are lost on that terrible “give me your hand” sequence, which could have trimmed about 15 seconds and prevented the eye-roll of the century from me.

  10. NICOLE86's rating of the film Matinee

    One of my favorite childhood movies.

  11. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Matinee

    Dante firma un lavoro incredibilmente fuori dagli schemi,in cui sono visibili gli influssi dei suoi maestri(da Bava a Corman) e in cui ancora una volta dà un saggio della sua abilità nel saper gestire decine di situazioni diverse sempre con lo stesso tocco artistico.A livello registico e di script regge alla grande,e di fatto risulta uno dei lavori metacinematografici meglio riusciti di sempre.

  12. Scott Lucas's rating of the film Matinee

    Joe Dante gets warm and fuzzy.

  13. © <',))( Astro-Tofupraxographer's rating of the film Matinee

  14. mjgildea's rating of the film Matinee

    3 1/2 out of 5 stars. A really clever take on 50s sci-fi and the cold war. The set design was great, the references magnificent and the lack of star power really seemed to help. If nothing else, its fun to watch John Goodman play William Castle. Fun stuff indeed.

  15. Effendi Ben Smith-Malick's rating of the film Matinee

    The first time I saw this I was 9 and probably had only seen 50 or so movies, none of which had boobies or anything. This is better as an adult and is nice little movie about communism or some shit. I dunno, I was surprised I didn't know the kid from Hocus Pocus was in this. Wow. I'm fucking old...

  16. Altero's rating of the film Matinee

    - What about the First Amendment? - There’s no First Amendment in the Ten Commandments, pal!

  17. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Matinee

    By far, my favorite film directed by Joe Dante who, in Matinee, manages to speak about cinema without annoying his audience. Like Woody Allen's The Purple Rose of Cairo, Matinee reminds me the reason why I love cinema so much: it's an art who can unveil its own mystery and tell us how we are manipulated and nonetheless still provide magic. Masterpiece.

  18. Duncan Jones's rating of the film Matinee

    I read a review suggesting that the focus should have been Goodman's character rather than his audience. Presumably this critic didn't engage with the material in the slightest. Though there are a few problematic elements (its politics seem confused, Mant! is overly parodic), Matinee's theme of the joy of cinefear versus the horror of life in an insane world is a strong cohesive for some enjoyable character moments.

  19. Mugino's rating of the film Matinee

    It's been so long, I forgot how much I loved this when it first came out. Glad to find it listed here!

  20. your fiend mr. jones's rating of the film Matinee

    One of the most underrated films of the nineties also has one of my favorite poster taglines ever... "Lawrence Woolsey presents the end of civilization as we know it. Make that... Proudly Presents! " Genius.

  21. Ally the Manic Listmaker's rating of the film Matinee

  22. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Matinee

    Nostalgic ode to B-movie cinema and Cold War paranoia definitely has its moments (the movie-within-a-movie is a lot of fun) but never quite lives up to its potential. The story gets off to a shaky start with too many thinly-written extraneous characters and subplots, but it does come together at the end for a very entertaining finale.