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  1. Photo of Rosendo Ruíz

    Rosendo Ruíz Director, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Candela Álvarez

    Candela Álvarez Cast

  3. Photo of Paula Ledesma

    Paula Ledesma Cast

  4. Photo of Gustavo Oviedo

    Gustavo Oviedo Cast

  5. Photo of Luciana Dalfovo

    Luciana Dalfovo Cast

  6. Photo of Stefano Cagnoni

    Stefano Cagnoni Cast

  7. Photo of Emiliano Domínguez

    Emiliano Domínguez Cast

  8. Photo of Cristian Pons

    Cristian Pons Cast

  9. Photo of Florencia Ozán

    Florencia Ozán Cast

  10. Photo of Pablo Gonzalez Galetto

    Pablo Gonzalez Galetto Cinematography

  11. Photo of Claudio Soria

    Claudio Soria Music

  12. Photo of Matias Ludueña

    Matias Ludueña Music and Cast

  13. Photo of Alejo Navarro

    Alejo Navarro Music

  14. Photo of Isabel Riberi

    Isabel Riberi Production Design

  15. Photo of Ines Moyano

    Ines Moyano Producer

  16. Photo of Ramiro Sonzini

    Ramiro Sonzini Editing

  17. Photo of Sol Curado

    Sol Curado Sound