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  1. Photo of Hugo Santiago

    Hugo Santiago Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Maurice Blanchot

    Maurice Blanchot Screenplay

  3. Photo of Redjep Mitrovitsa

    Redjep Mitrovitsa Self

  4. Photo of Angélique Bulot

    Angélique Bulot Self

  5. Photo of Virginie Pelletier

    Virginie Pelletier Self

  6. Photo of André Wilms

    André Wilms Self

  7. Photo of Emmanuel Lévinas

    Emmanuel Lévinas Self

  8. Photo of Jacques Derrida

    Jacques Derrida Self

  9. Photo of Christophe Bident

    Christophe Bident Self and Screenplay

  10. Photo of Jacques Dupin

    Jacques Dupin Self

  11. Photo of Daniel Dobbels

    Daniel Dobbels Self

  12. Photo of Michel Surya

    Michel Surya Self

  13. Photo of Giorgio Agamben

    Giorgio Agamben Self

  14. Photo of Roger Laporte

    Roger Laporte Self

  15. Photo of Louis René des Forets

    Louis René des Forets Self

  16. Photo of Maurice Nadeau

    Maurice Nadeau Self

  17. Photo of Jean-Luc Nancy

    Jean-Luc Nancy Self

  18. Photo of Michel Bort

    Michel Bort Cinematography

  19. Photo of Robert Schumann

    Robert Schumann Music

  20. Photo of Anton Webern

    Anton Webern Music

  21. Photo of Gabrielle Zubovic-Marsall

    Gabrielle Zubovic-Marsall Editing

  22. Photo of Francisco Camino

    Francisco Camino Sound

  23. Photo of Laurent Malan

    Laurent Malan Sound