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  1. Photo of Lauri Randla

    Lauri Randla Director, Screenplay Music

  2. Photo of Victor Lanberg

    Victor Lanberg Cast

  3. Photo of Aleksander Okunev

    Aleksander Okunev Cast

  4. Photo of Matti Onnismaa

    Matti Onnismaa Cast

  5. Photo of Ilja Nartov

    Ilja Nartov Cast

  6. Photo of Sergei Furmanjuk

    Sergei Furmanjuk Cast

  7. Photo of Peter Salovaara

    Peter Salovaara Cinematography

  8. Photo of Juulia Jokinen

    Juulia Jokinen Production Design

  9. Photo of Peeter Urbla

    Peeter Urbla Producer

  10. Photo of Leo Liesvirta

    Leo Liesvirta Editing