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  1. Photo of Tito Davison

    Tito Davison Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gregorio Walerstein

    Gregorio Walerstein Producer

  3. Photo of José Revueltas

    José Revueltas Screenplay

  4. Photo of Xavier Villaurrutia

    Xavier Villaurrutia Screenplay

  5. Photo of Alex Phillips

    Alex Phillips Cinematography

  6. Photo of María Félix

    María Félix Cast

  7. Photo of Fernando Soler

    Fernando Soler Cast

  8. Photo of Julián Soler

    Julián Soler Cast

  9. Photo of Tito Junco

    Tito Junco Cast

  10. Photo of Ernesto Vilches

    Ernesto Vilches Cast

  11. Photo of Carmelita González

    Carmelita González Cast

  12. Photo of Fanny Schiller

    Fanny Schiller Cast

  13. Photo of José Baviera

    José Baviera Cast

  14. Photo of Pepe Martínez

    Pepe Martínez Cast

  15. Photo of Armando Velasco

    Armando Velasco Cast

  16. Photo of Nicolás Rodríguez

    Nicolás Rodríguez Cast

  17. Photo of Hernán Vera

    Hernán Vera Cast

  18. Photo of Victorio Blanco

    Victorio Blanco Cast

  19. Photo of Paco Martinez

    Paco Martinez Cast

  20. Photo of Mario González

    Mario González Editing

  21. Photo of José Rodríguez Granada

    José Rodríguez Granada Production Design

  22. Photo of Manuel Esperón

    Manuel Esperón Music

  23. Photo of Armando Valdés Peza

    Armando Valdés Peza Costume Design

  24. Photo of Rodolfo Benítez

    Rodolfo Benítez Sound

  25. Photo of B.J. Kroger

    B.J. Kroger Sound

  26. Photo of Enrique Rodríguez

    Enrique Rodríguez Sound