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  1. Photo of D.D. Kashyap

    D.D. Kashyap Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Qamar Jalalabadi

    Qamar Jalalabadi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dev Anand

    Dev Anand Cast

  4. Photo of Mala Sinha

    Mala Sinha Cast

  5. Photo of Lalita Pawar

    Lalita Pawar Cast

  6. Photo of Sudesh Kumar

    Sudesh Kumar Cast

  7. Photo of Mubarak

    Mubarak Cast

  8. Photo of Agha

    Agha Cast

  9. Photo of Sunder

    Sunder Cast

  10. Photo of Helen

    Helen Cast

  11. Photo of Krishan Dhawan

    Krishan Dhawan Cast

  12. Photo of Niranjan Sharma

    Niranjan Sharma Cast

  13. Photo of Raja

    Raja Cast

  14. Photo of Ramlal

    Ramlal Cast

  15. Photo of Kusum Thengdi

    Kusum Thengdi Cast

  16. Photo of Chand

    Chand Cast

  17. Photo of Rani

    Rani Cast

  18. Photo of Maria Angelica

    Maria Angelica Cast

  19. Photo of Jayant

    Jayant Cast

  20. Photo of Rajendra Malone

    Rajendra Malone Cinematography

  21. Photo of Salil Choudhury

    Salil Choudhury Music

  22. Photo of Sant Singh

    Sant Singh Production Design

  23. Photo of Anant Apte

    Anant Apte Editing