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  1. Manuel Jerónimo Yannick's rating of the film Maya

    "Con una cámara casi siempre fija al tripié, estática, salvo unos paneos y algunos agresivos zooms correctores o enfáticos, acompañada de una banda sonora sencilla y casi cruda como la iluminación natural que caracteriza al corto, se crea una obra donde la violencia tácita está presente en su inminencia mas no en su manifestación explícita en el acontecer de las imágenes." -- -- Jerónimo Barriga, INVISIBLE - Gazette

  2. dialupmodem's rating of the film Maya

  3. Libby's rating of the film Maya

    Harrowing and difficult to watch. Understated in its simply shot documentary style which serves to amplify the difficult and painful subject.

  4. Himani Singh's rating of the film Maya

    Difficult to watch for any dog lover.

  5. Kamil_K's rating of the film Maya

    ... difficult to watch if you've any empathy for animals

  6. svenrufus's rating of the film Maya

    This is brilliant. It's major fault is that it's too short, although it tells such a big story. We see such tender brutality, as the owners lavish such care on an animal they have no concern for. You see the impact of a brief encounter the dog has, and how it's world changes. The last shot is utterly heartbreaking. With hardly anything spoken, so much has been said. A powerful, wonderful, tragic film

  7. Joe's rating of the film Maya

    A touching little tale.

  8. Jeremiah-Johnson's rating of the film Maya

    A touching spectacle that shows the (apparently dwindling) love and faith of a dog for her owner (can it be love that drives the owner to do such things to their dog? I, personally, think not...), though a little bloody, it remains sensitive, sombre and disquieting.

  9. paul oram's rating of the film Maya

    Is Maya still alive? Your heart goes out to him.

  10. Carlo Perassi's rating of the film Maya

    A contemporary version of "Day of the Fight". Lovely ending shot.

  11. Enrique Rodríguez's rating of the film Maya


  12. Laura's rating of the film Maya

  13. Juan Valero's rating of the film Maya

  14. Allan Struthers's rating of the film Maya

    A solemn amplification of silent suffering that meaningfully contemplates the roles of animal and owner.

  15. ironbound's rating of the film Maya

    Those people are complete retards, film is not too bad though

  16. Eduardo Garcés's rating of the film Maya

    Sin palabras, un corto muy fuerte

  17. Lera's rating of the film Maya

    Gripping and engaging, makes you wonder how a person can have such tender feelings but be willing to go through aggression and pain

  18. ramiro's rating of the film Maya

  19. raggiodisole's rating of the film Maya

    how can a simple film be so compelling? Restrict the view, but expand the minds eye

  20. Ish Norris's rating of the film Maya

    gripping, sombre short that leaves you wanting more

  21. Beatrice's rating of the film Maya

    I like the way the dog's routine is made to mirror that of its owner/trainer. They share everything, except for the fight, which will be the dog's alone. I think it took great skill to film the dog (a real beauty, by the way) so that it would stand out as a silent tragic character.

  22. Matt Bowden's rating of the film Maya

    Quite a gritty, hard-hitting short, all the more so because it leaves all of the questions the viewer asks - why fight? Why encourage the dog to be so violent? What happens to Maya? - unanswered. The way some of the parallels between the dog and its owner / trainer are represented by alternating between, for example, a sleeping human to sleeping dog, is a nice touch too. Overall a good piece.