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  1. Photo of Leonard Stern

    Leonard Stern Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of John Astin

    John Astin Director

  3. Photo of Barry Shear

    Barry Shear Director

  4. Photo of Daniel Petrie

    Daniel Petrie Director

  5. Photo of Hy Averback

    Hy Averback Director

  6. Photo of Robert Michael Lewis

    Robert Michael Lewis Director

  7. Photo of Ron Winston

    Ron Winston Director

  8. Photo of Gary Nelson

    Gary Nelson Director

  9. Photo of Edward M. Abroms

    Edward M. Abroms Director

  10. Photo of Alex March

    Alex March Director

  11. Photo of Alf Kjellin

    Alf Kjellin Director

  12. Photo of Lee H. Katzin

    Lee H. Katzin Director

  13. Photo of Mel Ferber

    Mel Ferber Director

  14. Photo of Lou Antonio

    Lou Antonio Director

  15. Photo of Harry Falk

    Harry Falk Director

  16. Photo of Leonard Horn

    Leonard Horn Director

  17. Photo of James Sheldon

    James Sheldon Director

  18. Photo of Bob Finkel

    Bob Finkel Director

  19. Photo of E.W. Swackhamer

    E.W. Swackhamer Director

  20. Photo of Jackie Cooper

    Jackie Cooper Director

  21. Photo of Chester Krumholz

    Chester Krumholz Screenplay

  22. Photo of Oliver Hailey

    Oliver Hailey Screenplay

  23. Photo of Robert Lewin

    Robert Lewin Screenplay

  24. Photo of Burt Prelutsky

    Burt Prelutsky Screenplay

  25. Photo of Brad Radnitz

    Brad Radnitz Screenplay

  26. Photo of Steve Fisher

    Steve Fisher Screenplay

  27. Photo of Don Mankiewicz

    Don Mankiewicz Screenplay

  28. Photo of Gordon Cotler

    Gordon Cotler Screenplay

  29. Photo of Edward D. Hoch

    Edward D. Hoch Screenplay

  30. Photo of Peter S. Fischer

    Peter S. Fischer Screenplay

  31. Photo of Steven Bochco

    Steven Bochco Screenplay

  32. Photo of William Driskill

    William Driskill Screenplay

  33. Photo of Howard Berk

    Howard Berk Screenplay

  34. Photo of Richard Christian Danus

    Richard Christian Danus Screenplay

  35. Photo of Virginia Aldridge

    Virginia Aldridge Screenplay

  36. Photo of Jerry McNeely

    Jerry McNeely Screenplay

  37. Photo of Robert E. Swanson

    Robert E. Swanson Screenplay

  38. Photo of Leonard Kantor

    Leonard Kantor Screenplay

  39. Photo of Rock Hudson

    Rock Hudson Cast

  40. Photo of Susan Saint James

    Susan Saint James Cast

  41. Photo of John Schuck

    John Schuck Cast

  42. Photo of Nancy Walker

    Nancy Walker Cast

  43. Photo of Jerry Fielding

    Jerry Fielding Music

  44. Photo of Paul Mason

    Paul Mason Producer and Screenplay

  45. Photo of Jon Epstein

    Jon Epstein Producer

  46. Photo of Leonard B. Stern

    Leonard B. Stern Executive Producer