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  1. Photo of Tom Clegg

    Tom Clegg Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of John McVicar

    John McVicar Screenplay

  3. Photo of Roger Daltrey

    Roger Daltrey Cast and Producer

  4. Photo of Adam Faith

    Adam Faith Cast

  5. Photo of Cheryl Campbell

    Cheryl Campbell Cast

  6. Photo of Billy Murray

    Billy Murray Cast

  7. Photo of Georgina Hale

    Georgina Hale Cast

  8. Photo of Steven Berkoff

    Steven Berkoff Cast

  9. Photo of Brian Hall

    Brian Hall Cast

  10. Photo of Peter Jonfield

    Peter Jonfield Cast

  11. Photo of Matthew Scurfield

    Matthew Scurfield Cast

  12. Photo of Leonard Gregory

    Leonard Gregory Cast

  13. Photo of Joe Turner

    Joe Turner Cast

  14. Photo of Jeremy Blake

    Jeremy Blake Cast

  15. Photo of Anthony Trent

    Anthony Trent Cast

  16. Photo of Terence Stuart

    Terence Stuart Cast

  17. Photo of Harry Fielder

    Harry Fielder Cast

  18. Photo of Michael Feast

    Michael Feast Cast

  19. Photo of Ralph Watson

    Ralph Watson Cast

  20. Photo of Tony Haygarth

    Tony Haygarth Cast

  21. Photo of Tony Rohr

    Tony Rohr Cast

  22. Photo of Ronald Herdman

    Ronald Herdman Cast

  23. Photo of Malcolm Terris

    Malcolm Terris Cast

  24. Photo of Charles Cork

    Charles Cork Cast

  25. Photo of Stephen Bent

    Stephen Bent Cast

  26. Photo of Paul Kember

    Paul Kember Cast

  27. Photo of Richard Simpson

    Richard Simpson Cast

  28. Photo of John Rolfe

    John Rolfe Cast

  29. Photo of Allan Mitchell

    Allan Mitchell Cast

  30. Photo of Stanley Lloyd

    Stanley Lloyd Cast

  31. Photo of Malcolm Tierney

    Malcolm Tierney Cast

  32. Photo of Ricky Parkinson

    Ricky Parkinson Cast

  33. Photo of Raymond Skipp

    Raymond Skipp Cast

  34. Photo of Anthony May

    Anthony May Cast

  35. Photo of Vernon Layton

    Vernon Layton Cinematography

  36. Photo of Jeff Wayne

    Jeff Wayne Music

  37. Photo of Brian Ackland-Snow

    Brian Ackland-Snow Production Design

  38. Photo of Roy Baird

    Roy Baird Producer

  39. Photo of Bill Curbishley

    Bill Curbishley Producer

  40. Photo of Jackie Curbishley

    Jackie Curbishley Executive Producer

  41. Photo of Peter Boyle

    Peter Boyle Editing

  42. Photo of Mike Silverlock

    Mike Silverlock Sound