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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Me and My Gal

    Une œuvre sentimentalo-policière d'une évidente sympathie dans laquelle Spencer Tracy dont, c'est déjà le onzième long métrage, a peaufiné la silhouette psychologique de son personnage (accommodant, bonhomme, bienveillant) que l'on retrouvera avec bonheur dans bien des créations ultérieures. A noter la prestation assez époustouflante de Frank Moran, en alcoolique belliqueux et querelleur.

  2. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film Me and My Gal

    A Pre-code charmer not very different from Raoul Walsh's Big Brown Eyes four years later. It's light, stereotyped, blue-collar with a balancing streak of sexuality, adultery and murder. But that's all fake blood and fancy, merely bait hanging in front of its 30's audience to give them a few laughs and take their minds off the fast approaching economic Depression--85 years later, it still beats reading the news.

  3. Bilouaustria's rating of the film Me and My Gal

    CINEMA _ Walsh is as good as can be with westerns, film noirs or silent movies. Here he gives his touch (style and tempo) to this early pre-code screwball comedy. Spencer Tracy and Joan Bennett are very accomplice on screen. Sometimes a bit dated but overall a good piece of Hollywood entertainment.

  4. bartkl's rating of the film Me and My Gal

    I'm not sure what to say. Sometimes I felt vicariously ashamed, especially with the sidekick detective that seems to suffer from echolalia. Other times I laughed out loud: there are some witty conversations in there, and the drunks -although it takes a while before you realize how cynical it all is- are great, especially in the fish-slapping scene. I was nicely amused by this!

  5. Justin Senkbile's rating of the film Me and My Gal

    I want a whole movie of just Bennett and Tracy's characters hanging out in a room.

  6. Neil Bahadur's rating of the film Me and My Gal

    Christ Almighty, this movie is amazing.

  7. Sudarshan R.'s rating of the film Me and My Gal

    Raoul Walsh's masterpiece and pretty much the best pre-Code American movie!!!

  8. lauli's rating of the film Me and My Gal

    Thank god it was only 80 minutes long. Couldn't have put up with more bad writing and worse acting.