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  1. Photo of Torill Kove

    Torill Kove Director, Animation Screenplay

  2. Photo of Andrea Bræin Hovig

    Andrea Bræin Hovig Cast

  3. Photo of Kevin Dean

    Kevin Dean Music

  4. Photo of Lise Fearnley

    Lise Fearnley Producer

  5. Photo of Marcy Page

    Marcy Page Producer

  6. Photo of Alison Burns

    Alison Burns Editing

  7. Photo of Håkon Lammetun

    Håkon Lammetun Sound

  8. Photo of Magnhild Winsnes

    Magnhild Winsnes Animation

  9. Photo of Bjarte Agdestein

    Bjarte Agdestein Animation

  10. Photo of Jens Hahn

    Jens Hahn Animation

  11. Photo of Yin Ko Lee

    Yin Ko Lee Animation

  12. Photo of Linda Manouan

    Linda Manouan Animation

  13. Photo of Jo Meuris

    Jo Meuris Animation

  14. Photo of Jonathan Ng

    Jonathan Ng Animation

  15. Photo of Hyun Jin Park

    Hyun Jin Park Animation

  16. Photo of Morten Pedersen

    Morten Pedersen Animation