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  1. Marco Della Motta's rating of the film Meanwhile

    Hartley doing what he does best.

  2. caitlin.f's rating of the film Meanwhile

    most of the acting was horrendous, but a fun little movie.

  3. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Meanwhile

  4. muse_x's rating of the film Meanwhile

    Were one to look up the definition of "hustler" in an online dictionary, one'd surely encounter Joe Fulton's likeness. Nobody does it better than H. Hartley, though Whit Stillman & Sophia Coppola + Wong Kar Wai tap a similar vein.

  5. Wesley Wilson's rating of the film Meanwhile

    I think this movie had the potential to be good but overall I felt like I was watching an episode of Seinfeld and Kramer, George and Jerry are combined into one person that was just horrible. This truly was a movie about nothing exciting, The main character can do anything but does nothing better than anyone. I will not be watching any more films by Hal Hartly again. I wish I could have the last hour of my life back.

  6. Robert's rating of the film Meanwhile

    This film was about an average man who has a lot of skills and is talented in many different fields. I found this film very amusing and interesting. It seemed like it was a lower budget film because some of the actors didn't perform as well as others. It had a good storyline and it kept you interested because there was always a problem that needed solving. Overall I really enjoyed the film.

  7. Nick Potter's rating of the film Meanwhile

    The dialogue is fun and quick, but there's not enough here to sustain the time. Only one character matters at all, and he's a know-it-all, fix-it-all, narcissistic manchild.

  8. David R Williams's rating of the film Meanwhile

    Hartley's films flow effortlessly. This one perhaps more so than others. He drops us into a world already in motion and we run along, trying to keep up. The rapid fire dialogue is smart and funny in that order. He leaves us with what appears to be the start of a new chapter.

  9. Joe Pryweller's rating of the film Meanwhile

    A daylong meander in the life of a itinerant dreamer, Meanwhile could have been a precious Hartley indie that is more about dialogue and eccentricities than plot. However, I received a latent thrill from its seemingly subtler themes that one's life is more than the sum of success and instead is about how others are touched on the journey. A great cast of character bits adds up to more than its parts.

  10. Samuel Wells's rating of the film Meanwhile

    This gem feels so fresh, the pinnacle of what hipster culture is, and smart and fresh throughout. The choice to segment the film into bitesized moments keeps the clip up and keeps interest throughout. The main character is charismatic and still relatable giving a perspective into the world that Hartley is creating. The film still feels genuine and fair to the culture on the screen making it a very east watch.

  11. Myles's rating of the film Meanwhile

    I've seen three Hal Hartley movies on Mubi. None of them have been good-- they're always cheap and ponderous. Yet they have this refreshing quality that makes me not hate them. I'll watch a few more and see how things go.

  12. Thomas's rating of the film Meanwhile

    A nice slice of life but Joe's life isn't interesting enough for this film to have any substaining impact.

  13. chris budden's rating of the film Meanwhile

    Decent American film Directed by Hal Hartley. Interesting comedy about strange events in a mans life that somewhat correlated to each other. Great plot twist at the end of the movie. Wish movie was longer with a bigger budget. Excellent job capturing all the sights and sounds of New York city.

  14. Miggy Angel's rating of the film Meanwhile

  15. Joshua Wonders's rating of the film Meanwhile

    "Meanwhile" is a fantastic depiction of an interesting life of a New York man. Hal Hartley does an incredible job at capturing the essence of life and the city with great shallow focus and wide shots. Hartley manages to fit so much of a man in a short hour. This film makes you feel for a man you can't quite understand. He takes on many adventures and seems to be struggling, but seems content nonetheless.

  16. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Meanwhile

    I liked it, and it had the Hartley trademarks of a particular type of dialogue, but he didn't really treat his women with the respect that he usually does. They didn't seem realized. The nudity seemed gratuitous. As someone else mentioned, the scene in the bar with the writer seemed contrived.

  17. Koenjinosora's rating of the film Meanwhile

  18. Dago Schelin's rating of the film Meanwhile

    The movies flows. It doesn't try to be bombastic. Great character.

  19. Christian's rating of the film Meanwhile

    Funny little character study. Typical Hartley frigidity, but character is compelling in his impulse to survive, create, produce quality work, even at the expense of the lovely woman who covet him.

  20. turnerBroadcast p3Dr0's rating of the film Meanwhile

    As a man, and especially in light of the implosion of the candidacy of Donald John Trump ne Drumpf of 1842 drug pusher fame (we Rentz/Santlee Novelty Company do not forget) ... I must simply remark upon the perfect female breast, revealed in this film. A dark, and clothed woman, consensually revealing her wonderful skin. In that scene my entire universe is mended, nursed and found wonder. For this we Praise Bob.

  21. David Richards's rating of the film Meanwhile

    Terrific film! Best I've seen by this director. The only problem was the awkward scene in a bar with the writer with a broken typewriter.

  22. Mark Tallo's rating of the film Meanwhile

  23. postblueink's rating of the film Meanwhile

  24. Nathan Goldman's rating of the film Meanwhile

    It's fine. I'd probably find it insufferably boring or #notallmen from another director, which is more or less what I'd expected. I liked the shots of construction crews.

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