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  1. Photo of Rémy M. Larochelle

    Rémy M. Larochelle Director, Screenplay, Animation Editing

  2. Photo of Stéphane Bilodeau

    Stéphane Bilodeau Cast

  3. Photo of Julie-Anne Côté

    Julie-Anne Côté Cast

  4. Photo of Dominique Chartrand

    Dominique Chartrand Cast

  5. Photo of Mélissa Hébert

    Mélissa Hébert Cinematography

  6. Photo of Drew Malamud

    Drew Malamud Music

  7. Photo of Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine

    Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine Music

  8. Photo of Philippe Chabot

    Philippe Chabot Producer and Animation

  9. Photo of Daniel Lagacé

    Daniel Lagacé Sound

  10. Photo of Guillaume Canniccioni

    Guillaume Canniccioni Animation

  11. Photo of Samuel Cloutier

    Samuel Cloutier Animation and Cinematography

  12. Photo of Simon Mathieu Rouillard

    Simon Mathieu Rouillard Animation