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  1. natalieb's rating of the film Medea

    Originally shot for television. The voice of the actors does not respect the distance of bodies in space which is somewhat destabilizing. The voices are heard very close to our ear, so it give the impression of being objects detached from bodies.

  2. Khashayar Mohammadi's rating of the film Medea

    The low-fi digital cinematography oddly contributes to the eerie melancholy of Medea. One of my personal favorites from Von Trier

  3. fred boswell's rating of the film Medea

    This film is a great teaching tool in how one can adapt & transform stogy material and make it brand new;-)

  4. Antonina K's rating of the film Medea

  5. antibody's rating of the film Medea

    love medea, love lvt, didn't love this. just very not great

  6. Dogville59's rating of the film Medea

  7. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Medea

    Nowhere near Pasolini's extraordinary, hallucinatory, sympathetic take on the same legend. Nonetheless, Trier's typically arduous appropriation of Medea as another condemnation of hypocrisy & the subjugation of women plays like the superior version of the filmmaker's own Breaking the Waves. Once again, wilful suffering leads to spiritual transcendence, but without the overt manipulation/provocation of his later film.

  8. Benjamin Braddock's rating of the film Medea

    The film seems more a test than anything else. Like much early Trier he is experimenting with visual power. Everything else seems to escape his control. He is so overwhelmed by the power he can give to the singular image that he does not keep in conscious the entire film, its power in duration. The end result does not do Euripides or Dreyer justice, it indulges on moments instead of movement. Beautiful nonetheless.

  9. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Medea

    A film of extraordinary power and pathos, Medea is both a worthy homage to Danish cinema's most legendary master, Dreyer, and a key document -- possibly a skeleton key -- for the understanding of much of von Trier's subsequent work, with special attention to Breaking the Waves, Dancer in the Dark, and Antichrist. But Medea's brooding atmosphere -- all bristle, shudder and thrum -- is its own minor, murderous miracle.

  10. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Medea

    When Medea hangs her children, it evokes a sadness that only Lars von Trier is capable of evoking..... I only wish the film was restored better, otherwise a rather beautiful film from Maestro Lars von Trier!

  11. NICOLE86's rating of the film Medea

    Trier does Dryer's vision with respect and love. I do think Trier's ending is so much more powerful than the one Dryer wanted to do.

  12. Insane Reverb's rating of the film Medea

    Maybe the best Von Trier film

  13. sónia fialho's rating of the film Medea

    Só tenho pena que a curta duração do filme não faça tanto impacto como o que estamos habituados do autor, mas está uma edição brutal , com técnicas de montagem muito boas !

  14. pandakuma's rating of the film Medea

    only von trier who could bring these strange eerie feelings to his viewers.

  15. MODERNGRUMBLE's rating of the film Medea

    perhaps my favorite trier film and one of udo kier's best roles as well, simple, stark and masterful.

  16. knockkneed's rating of the film Medea

    the only Von Trier I find rewarding

  17. Harry Rossi's rating of the film Medea

    While not as good as some of Von Trier's later masterpieces, it's still an incredible film. The imagery is some of Von Trier's very best and Udo Kier is wonderful as always. One of the most interesting things about the film however is how you can see the roots of a lot of Von Trier's consistent themes and his style. The highly feministic attitude foreshadows Antichrist. Loved this movie to say the least.

  18. This is Jake Kath's rating of the film Medea

    One of the more satisfying movies from our hero Lars. It's paced extremely well. It combines the wonderful storytelling of Carl Dreyer and the post modern visual techniques of Von Trier to create an unique cinematic experience that leaves the viewer haunted and moved. This could be my favorite Von Trier movie!

  19. Francisco R.'s rating of the film Medea

    Von Trier makes justice to Carl Dreyer's script in a fashion that can only be described as his, using his penchant for back/front projection and grainy photography to redirect the overall sense of the story into a more visual experience.

  20. Remote Viewer's rating of the film Medea

    Analog Occultism, nice&grainy, 76 minutes // Trier shapes musty myth into potent poem - scant on script, heavy on style // We follow vengeful Medea through hazy bogs and foreboding fields towards egocentric tragedy. The actions of the tormented necromancer (though self-serving) seem eerily unavoidable, fated. Two visual gems: chiaroscuro like nuptial scene & grey mare bolting through shadowy catacombs