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  1. Photo of William A. Graham

    William A. Graham Director

  2. Photo of Charles S. Dubin

    Charles S. Dubin Director

  3. Photo of Leo Penn

    Leo Penn Director

  4. Photo of Vincent Sherman

    Vincent Sherman Director

  5. Photo of Harvey Hart

    Harvey Hart Director

  6. Photo of George McCowan

    George McCowan Director

  7. Photo of Gerald Mayer

    Gerald Mayer Director

  8. Photo of Earl Bellamy

    Earl Bellamy Director

  9. Photo of Daniel Petrie

    Daniel Petrie Director

  10. Photo of Bernard McEveety

    Bernard McEveety Director

  11. Photo of Murray Golden

    Murray Golden Director

  12. Photo of Richard Benedict

    Richard Benedict Director

  13. Photo of Michael Caffey

    Michael Caffey Director

  14. Photo of Michael O'Herlihy

    Michael O'Herlihy Director

  15. Photo of Al C. Ward

    Al C. Ward Director

  16. Photo of Paul Stanley

    Paul Stanley Director

  17. Photo of Chad Everett

    Chad Everett Director and Cast

  18. Photo of Lee Phillips

    Lee Phillips Director

  19. Photo of Robert Douglas

    Robert Douglas Director

  20. Photo of Joseph Pevney

    Joseph Pevney Director

  21. Photo of Robert L. Friend

    Robert L. Friend Director

  22. Photo of Daniel Haller

    Daniel Haller Director

  23. Photo of Andy Lewis

    Andy Lewis Screenplay

  24. Photo of Shimon Wincelberg

    Shimon Wincelberg Screenplay

  25. Photo of Robert Hamner

    Robert Hamner Screenplay

  26. Photo of Don Brinkley

    Don Brinkley Screenplay

  27. Photo of Oliver Crawford

    Oliver Crawford Screenplay

  28. Photo of Robert M. Young

    Robert M. Young Screenplay

  29. Photo of Oscar Millard

    Oscar Millard Screenplay

  30. Photo of Dick Nelson

    Dick Nelson Screenplay

  31. Photo of Anthony Lawrence

    Anthony Lawrence Screenplay

  32. Photo of Jackson Gillis

    Jackson Gillis Screenplay

  33. Photo of John Meredyth Lucas

    John Meredyth Lucas Screenplay

  34. Photo of Stephen Kandel

    Stephen Kandel Screenplay

  35. Photo of Richard Alan Shapiro

    Richard Alan Shapiro Screenplay

  36. Photo of James Schmerer

    James Schmerer Screenplay

  37. Photo of Lionel E. Siegel

    Lionel E. Siegel Screenplay

  38. Photo of Barry Oringer

    Barry Oringer Screenplay

  39. Photo of Herbert Bermann

    Herbert Bermann Screenplay

  40. Photo of Bill Stratton

    Bill Stratton Screenplay

  41. Photo of Karl Tunberg

    Karl Tunberg Screenplay

  42. Photo of Edward DeBlasio

    Edward DeBlasio Screenplay

  43. Photo of Larry Brody

    Larry Brody Screenplay

  44. Photo of Marty Roth

    Marty Roth Screenplay

  45. Photo of Jack Guss

    Jack Guss Screenplay

  46. Photo of Robert Lewin

    Robert Lewin Screenplay

  47. Photo of Rita Lakin

    Rita Lakin Screenplay

  48. Photo of Jeff Kanter

    Jeff Kanter Screenplay

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