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  1. Photo of Hagen Keller

    Hagen Keller Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Elinor Lüdde

    Elinor Lüdde Cast

  3. Photo of Thorsten Merten

    Thorsten Merten Cast

  4. Photo of Ulrike Krumbiegel

    Ulrike Krumbiegel Cast

  5. Photo of Günter Naumann

    Günter Naumann Cast

  6. Photo of Sandra Zänker

    Sandra Zänker Cast

  7. Photo of Luise Kehm

    Luise Kehm Cast

  8. Photo of Benjamin Strecker

    Benjamin Strecker Cast

  9. Photo of Silke Matthias

    Silke Matthias Cast

  10. Photo of Annekathrin Bürger

    Annekathrin Bürger Cast

  11. Photo of Inga Birkenfeld

    Inga Birkenfeld Cast

  12. Photo of Sascha Schwegeler

    Sascha Schwegeler Cast

  13. Photo of Ruth Glöss

    Ruth Glöss Cast

  14. Photo of Ramona Kunze-Libnow

    Ramona Kunze-Libnow Cast

  15. Photo of Falk Rockstroh

    Falk Rockstroh Cast

  16. Photo of Rosalie Eberle

    Rosalie Eberle Cast

  17. Photo of Peter Rauch

    Peter Rauch Cast

  18. Photo of Claudia Eisinger

    Claudia Eisinger Cast

  19. Photo of Nicole Lippold

    Nicole Lippold Cast

  20. Photo of Barbara Lüdde

    Barbara Lüdde Cast

  21. Photo of Philipp Kirsamer

    Philipp Kirsamer Cinematography

  22. Photo of Andreas Staebler

    Andreas Staebler Music

  23. Photo of G. Rag Stübner

    G. Rag Stübner Music

  24. Photo of Marc-Oliver Lau

    Marc-Oliver Lau Production Design

  25. Photo of Marcel Lenz

    Marcel Lenz Producer

  26. Photo of Guido Schwab

    Guido Schwab Producer

  27. Photo of Monika Schindler

    Monika Schindler Editing

  28. Photo of Marc Meusinger

    Marc Meusinger Sound