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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Gryphonix's rating of the film Meet the Fokkens

    It’s a parable for a capitalist society: two old sisters don’t retire because they still have some money, nice clothes, and the feeling that they are needed. That’s more than can be said for the opportunities otherwise available to aging, retired prostitutes. It doesn’t keep them from enjoying life, and, of the many types of powerlessness and degradation they’ve experienced, they’ve at least chosen this.

  2. wgorans's rating of the film Meet the Fokkens

    A bit darker than I was expecting, to be honest. The ladies are very unique and funny, but I feel the doc had less to say than I had hoped. Though it was enjoyable to see the two title characters wander about.

  3. Zac Weber's rating of the film Meet the Fokkens

    I never knew whether to feel sad or happy for them, but maybe that's the point. Are they truly liberated?

  4. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Meet the Fokkens

    What really works well in this doc is the deep dive into the psyche of these twin sisters who fully embrace their sex worker lifestyle yet have many regrets at the same time. Plus we discover the reasons for their entry into this profession many moons ago as well... and it's as utterly interesting as it is heartbreaking. The unbreakable positive spirit of these two ladies is wonderfully admirable.

  5. Timbo of Boston's rating of the film Meet the Fokkens

    This sad and hilarious portrait captures the love and acceptance these quirky (to put it mildly) sisters have for one other and for the world as life-affirming. Around them is circled a world of oddballs who they take in mind-blowing stride. It's a freakin' circus out there and, I guess, all you need is love. This is a documentary that needed to be made. I hope the Fokkens are still happy!

  6. mpho3's rating of the film Meet the Fokkens

    "Unsure of whether it wants to focus on the personal or the political, MTF often falls into a narrative void, failing to combine both of these dimensions into a cohesive narrative and a solid argument. That is not to say it is a failure... The directors must be praised for capturing the subtleties in the intimate and loving relationship between the twins."- Paulo Scarpa, TinyMixTapes. Lovely yet depressing. 3.5 stars